Monday, May 27, 2013

Spectrostereoscopic Schematics Of Such Shadow-Boxes

Blog-post # 381:
(381 = 3*127.)

Nine new inanimations of art:

Polyhedra Parallel To
Many Massless Points

Likewise Are The Non-Lines Of
Any Nonlinear Collinearity


Maso-cosm --
Of Any Macroscopically
Cosmic Masochism

Else Of Methodically
Random Etceterations

The Imbalance Of Coincidences
Versus All Concepts Of Coincidence

Mostly Made Of Many-less
If Magic-less Agnosticisms

Outlines Of Outlying Vertices

Theoretically Sans Any
Synthesis Of Any Analyses

(These titles are out-of-control..


(Six -- Quite a mix.)

Stereoscopic air overlaps
in any true shadow-boxes.
Very paradoxical rainbows
soon see those pictures.


Nothingness is as it:
Very minimal.
... Thinning so via
nil's asymmetries.


A murder sins:
Ruins dreams.


Our dreams:
A murder so.


Our dream's mess:
As some murders.


Lines once knew so to have
denied quasi-entirety.
A woven sequence yet does
knot inside the nil air.


What do scientists view
a microcosm with?



Cheap and poorly-made items
are manufactured in...



Why is the Heimlich-maneuver
needed when you have a
cough-drop stuck in your

To dis-lozenge it..


I'm SO stupid...
I'm actually less smart than
all other people COMBINED!..

(Yes, I have an IQ-score
under 700 billion,
I hate to admit.)


The bouncer, being forced by
anti-discrimination laws to
let some ugly people into
the night-club, says to them,
.. "I hate to admit..
that you I have to admit."

(Yes, he hates to admit
both it and them.)


You know why the dance-club
went silent?

Because the discotheque..
did disconnect...


Are electronic dance-music



You must play 'brawn-poker'
when negotiating with
a 'pawn broker'..

(When you are trying to pawn
such items as.. spoons, say..)


It is 'ambivalent' whether
it is spelled 'ambulance'
or 'ecnalubma'.


7 billion people on
Earth now.

But officially there are
far fewer, because...

only the..
numerate people count..

[^This joke seems to me
to be unoriginal.]

A personal computing-device
is an.. 'app-aratus'..


You could walk up a hill of
any particular slope,...

if you are so-inclined..

(Are slopes in Europe of the
same number of degrees much
steeper than those in the US?
However, that would be good,
because in the US we are..

(And it would be easier,
I suppose, for the Europeans
to.. 'steep' their tea at
those higher temperatures
they have.)

You could also walk hundreds
and hundreds of miles..

But I myself wouldn't
go.. 'along' with that.


A historic retelling of old
news-stories would be

the.. 'knews'..

(We once knew the news.
But now the news is a ruse.
The 'rews'?..)



Astrology versus psychology:

This controversy is reminiscent
of many philosophical conflicts
between any two different (even
if not TOO different) religions.

BOTH sides are full of BS, I say.
(And full of gnome-shit too..)

A pox on BOTH your (mad-)houses!
(Whether the moon is {or whether
the lunatics are} in them or not.)


A likely unoriginal idea for
what a pretentious restaurant
might want to do:

Have black-salt and white-pepper
in the shakers at their tables.


A general
'Rule Of Dumb'
to live by:

Know that you are likely
surely wrong.. about everything
you have ever assumed.

(For example, things are {almost}
always either much more complex
or much simpler than you have
been believing.
That is... Hokum's Razor,..
or is not.)


I was thinking after seeing the
headline that a teenager will
be 'charged as an adult' for
building a pipe-bomb, maybe
sometimes when a White and/or
Christian is charged with such
a crime, they might now days
officially be..

'charged as a Muslim'...

(Har har..)

(Of course, why bother with any
of that legal namby-pamby
constitutional nonsense, like
even charging the alleged
terrorist-wannabes, in the
first place?
They are ALL guilty, of course,
because they were ACCUSED...
ACCUSED of the most horrible of
crimes of all, I say! The most
horribly "worst of the worst"
crime of being... ACCUSED!
Banish-shed them!
BANISH-SHED them!.. {to gitmo})


(Sign of the times..)

Cheap digital-watches are,
of course, ONLY worn on..


(This is so whenever the wearer
is an Arab/Muslim, obviously{!},
but not so when the wearer just
happens to be a White/
Christian American guard at
any US-run anti-constitutional
"War On Terror" prison, a prison
holding {sans habeas corpus} and
often torturing those..
"Wrist Of The Wrist" Arab/Muslim
evil digital-watch-wearers!..)

(Wrists of the wrists.. to bind
them with to the ceiling for
weeks at a time, if necessary.

But you gotta fight terror
.. in this.. 'War On..
{any digital-watch} Wearer'.)

(But, hey, style-violations
MUST be severely punished..)




Anonymous said...

I used to have one of those Casios in jr high... i think it even had the little calculator on it, with the tiny buttons.

Anonymous said...

Your jokes are right on, and "Likewise Are The Non-Lines Of Any Nonlinear Collinearity " looks like a strong breath would make it disappear.

Well done.