Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Even The Agnostics Are Nouns Herein

Blog-post # 372:
(372 = 2*3*31*2.)

Nine new art-inanimations:

Their Glass Is Graphed
As Is Any Translucence

As Primes Are Factored Into
Multiples Equally As Likewise

Non-Harmonies Of Dissidently
Non-Dissonant Nouns

Obscured By An Eclipse-less Sky

Meta-Refracted Etceteras Of
Multi-Angularity Thus Multi-Hued

So To Be Yet To Bend Any
Visually Unthinkable Non-Things

In Inter-commensurably
Interjected Inter(juxta)positions

Symmetry Interwoven With All
Its Own Magnitudes

Sums Of Countless


(Nine. So don't whine.
Nine, hey.
That's like the number
of inanimations today.)

Inanimate graphics
are glassy.
Art is shaping
any clear images.

[^In honor of my images.]

Mazes are spoiled
in that psychosis.
Crazy philosophies
seem as distant.


I bet those agnostics
are surely nouns.
Nothingness causes
reality to be ours.


Not nigh.


Then in songs.


One un-squirt.


Non-sequiturs are drawn,
are dreaming, yet
are then doomed.
Rounded squares were
made into any
rearranged into them.


The circumferences added
only as estimations.
Sums created science,
and they formed in it also.


Limits end inside this:
Its destined nihilism.

[I guess I mostly prefer the
longer of these anagrams.]

Funny that, long ago, "all one"
became "alone"; but then people
started saying not only "alone",
but "all alone".

Soon, in the near future, the
word-pair "all alone", however,
will perhaps become contracted
into "alalone".

Then, as you might expect
(me to predict..), people will
start saying "all alalone".

Then, henceforth,.. people will
then say "alalalone" and then
"all alalalone", etc etc...

So, when we all are saying
that we are
"all alalalal...alalalalone",
we will not be so much so,..
if only because we will then
have all those guys named "Al"
to keep us company..


If gays are "queers",
then are straights therefore


Two predictions for new US laws:

It will soon be a felony
(or an "Act Of Terror!")
to be a real human-person
and not a corporation
(and/or a politician).

The law will state that the
act of one not being a
corporation/politician is
in itself per se the felony/


Politicians (and other
corporate entities/elites)
will become a "protected class"
under hate-crimes legislation.

Yes, committing a crime against
someone just because they are a
politician or other corporate
entity/elite will get extra time
added to your prison sentence
(as is the case already many
times, actually).

But soon, the US may go all
European-style and arrest,
despite the 1st Amendment, the
anti-politician bigots simply
because they criticized those
poor repressed politicians/
corporate elites.
(The corporate/political elites
ARE a minority, after all..)

Next up:
Quotas in hiring and
college admissions.
(And bussing?
The politicians' kids getting
sent to the non-politicians'
kids' schools, and vice-versa?)


In America, who yells at their
"Less NASA! More NASCAR!"?

The 'Nas-Tea' Party, of course..

(I may have seen the following
joke already,.. but...
Who will hold moon-buggy races
on the moon in the future?
NASACAR,.. of course..)



Man"kind" is quite...

a feces of a species..



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kikinotdee said...

As Primes Are Factored Into
Multiples Equally As Likewise,I want this one on my laptop, it reminds me of that toy, I forget what they call them, not a prism, bugger!! now it's going to bug me all day.