Saturday, April 6, 2013

One's Mind Is.. Dimensions...

One's Mind Is.. Dimensions...
(Univerging Unto Sur-Dreamism)

Blog-post #373:
(373 = a prime;
and prime too are
3, 7, 37, and 73;
a fact which is highly
That's a fact.)

Seven new art inanimations:

Non-sequiturs Rotate --
Questions Are To Turn

Absolute Absence Additively
Adulterating Nonsensical Translucence

Diverging Unto Our
Universe's Convergences
(ie Univergence)

Limits End Inside This --
Its Destined Nihilism

Lunar Linearity Lacking Latitudes
Or Longitudes Or Carousels

To Not Gaze Unto The
Gears Or Unto The Sky

Refractive Symmetries Each
Untied Into Entropic Knots

(Notice something particularly interesting
about the name of the first image and the
name of the 4th image?... Hmmm?...)


(Twenty: Quite plenty.
{And 2 of these are each
4-part anagrams.})

Questions are to turn:
Non-sequiturs rotate.

[^Very well done, Leroy.]

Cold as night:
Scalding hot.

[^Pretty impressively
ironic anagram, I think.]

One's mind is.

[^I really like
this one too.]

Spirits' darker carousels
again flow there.
As we are riding their
spectral ark of souls.

[^Quite profound.]

I am accused.
Fakest questions are
asking me of this
sad sin.
Such Kafka-esque
agnosticism is at
an end, as is
its freedom.


Odd palindromes
are summed.
Our lopsided
dreams damn me.


As palindromes are
again set,
... anagrams also
repeat inside.


Their iris seen
folds wisest space.
Its eclipses are
of this weirdness.


Our worlds never be
as an earth's pieces.
Eclipses are drawn there
or above suns.


For, all creation forms
inside those
counterintuitive machines.
As their electronics are
of the trivial continuum
of dimensions.


My universe crafted
nouns into ideas.
Any continuum is
forever as destined.


Creative shapes
rotated this.
That art is
perceived as those.


Also as the stain,
an idea sums in creativity.
Art is then made so
via its insane causality.


Resolve us.


Neon's nights:


Scaring me.


Yell at..
all, yet..
(Let lay.)

[^These last two are...

A body soiled:
Die as bloody.


Rue clan.
Can rule.


Hardly solely ambivalent:
Almost evenly all a hybrid.


*Regarding "madman-agrams":
I can say this because I myself
am a madman.
(Old joke revisited:
I'm sorry. "Madman" is an
offensive politically-incorrect
term. I should have instead said

Mentally-ill people
throughout history:

Once revered.
Then jeered.
Now feared.


Now the pun fun:

In what way does the wheel
turn in the groove?

It.. 'RUTtates'..

(So, why then is "Top-40 Radio"
so groovy?
Because it is stuck in its..

(Well, the rest of this post
is not very pun-esque.
Some other types of word-play,

Lackluster luck lasts.


A frightening transposition:
(And a good idea for
a punk-rock song.)

Genital Wars
(lead to)
Nuclear Warts.

and vice-versa.)


The latitudes, longitudes, and
loxodromes of the moon:

Lunar linearity
(all quite such 'lunearity').


Have I heard a kid say this
somewhere in the media?

"Ah, a rainbow in the sky!
That there's God... frowning"..


Where is Hell?

In an alternate...



What the American fascist
elites have accomplished:



Civil-disobedience prank idea,
if you want to protest that
drivers are not being ticketed
for speeding in a school-zone:

Change the "l" to a "t", with a
simple short horizontal dash,
on the sign in the school-zone
"Fines doubled for speeding"
to get:
"Fines doubted for speeding".

(^Hilarity will ensue, surely,
from your "terrorist act" of

Now to get all profound:
(Protentiously prefound.)


Either so weird as to exceed
the relatively mild surrealisms
of dreams;
or very much like reality,
as seen from within dreams.


(As in the image-name above...)

Diverging unto
the convergences;
or converging unto
the divergences.

The universe converges and
diverges, and all does both
unto it.



ie. The convergences unto
the one convergence;
the one divergence from
all divergences.
Universally so.



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