Friday, April 12, 2013

Thereforth Hencefore... Yet Of Massless Mathlessness

Blog-post # 374:
(374 = 2*11*17.)

Ten new computer-art inanimations:
(And ironically, 'inanimations'
are NOT.. 'in animation'.)

Quasi-Colinearity Of Such
Complexly Empty Void-works

Of Such Synesthetically
Shaped Velocities

This Confusing
Complexity Of Scalars

Plexiform Continua

Cosines Transposed
With Converseness

Thereforth Hencefore
Multi-divisibly Di-multipliable

Semi-somewhat Upon Its
Edge Of Edgelessness

Mass-lessness Missing
Its Math-lessness

An Interleaved Knottiness Indeed
Entwined With Entanglement

Finitudes Furthermore More Numerous
Than Even Are The Forevers

[Update: I had to fix and repost
the 7th image, "Semi-somewhat
Upon Its Edge Of Edgelessness".
In the original version there
was an odd vertical linear
smudge that did not look like
it was supposed to be in there.)


[Five, only five;
1/4 as many as before; 'be-fourth'?]

As a null-set sets
Its ultimate lens
sees space.


Seconds tick less so
within them;
each repeats again.
Those are shaping
clockwise distances
then as time.


Time's things are yet
made of their spheres.
For, therein is this
earth's same empty edge.


All holes are potentially
solely of nothingness.
Oh, an entirely polygonal
line falls less to those.


All knots thinly flatten
themselves yet as in
such wire.
Then the vastly full
thickness was a
mostly entire line.



More regarding (if
only semi-somewhat so)
the aforementioned

Our Universe is the
'Void-works', as it is of
a clockwork-like complexity
of such a void, ie. it is
of its plexiform emptiness.


Yet more seriously:

Hope there is no massive
world-ending nuclear war
coming soon.

But if there is...

We will be able to say,

We're out-a-here!...
Humanity has left
the building/planet.
Sorry, no encores;
Sorry, no refunds.

[PS: And funny thing. I
just realized that many of
those same people who want
the "END of the WORLD" to
come about soon... also often
believe the world is flat
and not round, and thus that
it already HAS an 'End', but
in another sense. Hmmm.]


[Update: In my last post, I
said that mentally ill people
throughout history were...

"Once revered.
Then jeered.
Now feared."

Forgot to add,...

"Always weird."

(Mustn't forget that.)]


Nothing ever works out.
Because that is simply
how the world works...
and doesn't work.


The nerdy weakling says,
"Hey, later I'm going
to go work-out!
some math-problems."


Why did the grammar bank fail?

there was a run-on sentences.

(And I guess a judge giving a
convict consecutive terms in
prison would be giving him
a run-on sentence, too.
Well,... he will get a
run-on something, anyway,
given what I hear about
prison food..)


Some people!...

Just being a dick...
is their shtick!


[^And speaking of that type
of person..]

"Hey, baby. I promise I
haven't ever cheated on you
with even one single lady!...

But with lots of
married ladies, though."..

(^I may have read this before.
Warning: Possibly unoriginal.)

"Hey, baby. I promise I
have never cheated on you
with even one lady."..

Because there is no such thing
as an "even one", because all
ones are odd.
(Get it?)


Irrelevant is reality, as
this all is... 'ir-reality'.

And it is governed by the
theory of ir-relativity.

Not even light's velocity
matters anymore.
(But it_squared_times_matter
is yet quite energetic.*)

That's (massively) HEAVY!

*(E=m*c^2 must have some
sexual implications.
"Hey, baby, it ain't the
mass the matters, as much
as how fast it is going."
Thus, energy.)


A knotted Hell:


(Franz Kafka is 'twisting'
in his grave.)

The Inquisition:

Quite the..
dyst-Pope-ian era.


Suggestion for a band-name
and interjection:

"Vicious Christ(!)"

(I very well may have heard
this somewhere else before.)

Non-believers may find the
Christian story of Jesus'
birth, especially with its
virgin-conception and its
friendly farm-animals tending
to the new babe, to be quite
the.. Naivete Scene..

(A narrative of naivete, eh?)

Should the first book of the
New Testament then have been
instead called...
[Again, not my own joke.])

(Okay, and NOW I will
offend someone..)
Potential offensiveness
awaits you.]

Some specific very vile
people SHOULD have been
stillborn instead of having
been born, growing up,
and then doing their evil
things to everybody.

That would have then been
quite the...
'Miscarriages of Justice',

[^Did I post this already?]

[And this will REALLY offend.
Warning: Maybe you should just
not read the following at all.]


Do zombies who miscarry have
... 'stilldead' babies?

(Stilldead? As this joke is?)


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