Wednesday, August 21, 2013

However, We Interpolated What We Meant By 'Extrapolation'

[See top image's title for what this
blog-post's title is referencing.]

Blog-post # 393:
(393 = 3*131.)

Ten new computer-art inanimations:

Extra-Dimensional Extrapolation
Of What Is Interpolation

Prognostication Of
Hypnogogic Protractors


Curled As Any Tilting
Perpendicular To Diagonality

Via The Consequences
Of Non-Sequiturs

Distillates Of All
Brightly Unlit Spinning

Permanencies Exchanged
With Their Transpositions
Of Temporariness

Perturbations Disturbingly

Dis-Transposality Defined Via
The Very Lines Defining It

Only So Vacuous As To Be Voided,
Volatile, And Unavoidable


Sums orbit pi.


The entirety is linear
unto any accumulation.
All continua yet are,
yet are in this continuum.


All rope was formed
by our messy knots.
Entropy flows so as
smoke made blurry.


Uncertain reality
Any countered truth
is a lie.


Similarities end:
Limits are inside.


Of this death's sleep:
It so shaped the self.


Being stretched on the rack
led many to die quite a...

'grew-some'.. death..


You heard about that
fire-breathing ranter?

He surely liked to..
dragon and on...

(^Old joke which is not
mine, I am sure.)

Why did the retired
politician then get a job
in the energy industry?

Because, either way, he
really wanted to be..
in power..


New term for whenever
US politicians sneakily
try to get around the
Bill Of Rights:

They try to do so by using..
"Zero-Amendment Exploits".


Eating too much cholesterol
can really...
drive a steak
through your heart..

[^Again, must be old joke.]

I am often shocked at just
how absolutely.. different..
(to put it very nicely)
some people's beliefs, values,
attitudes, and opinions are
from mine, even in regards
to the most fundamental of
those concepts
(even those I would have
thought, regarding my own,
to be obviously correct and
axiomatic to everybody --
but I guess not).

7 billion people on Earth...
It seems that each
individual human-being can
be defined as being almost
the exact opposite in every
way to every other.

Humanity is quite...


Why do paparazzi have
no senses of humor?

Because they always...
dog stars...

(Get it? Because they're
so... Sirius..)


Serious(er) stuff:

If our "souls" are nonexistent,
because our entire mental selves
are solely a product of only our
physical brains
(brains as material and no more
metaphysical than are any other
parts of our corporal bodies --
from our kidneys to our saliva-
glands to our gonads); and if,
in-turn, the entirety of this
physical reality of our existence
(the physical reality inside
which is embedded our physical
bodies) is actually nothing more
than the abstract collective
states of some hyper-real/
hyper-unreal computer-like
computational engine/brain
(its abstract states analogous
to what we might think of,
in our terms, as those of a
computer's logic-gates --
where this
"computer" might perhaps be
generating itself somehow
inside some abstract
hyper-dimensional "knot"
within itself, and within all
abstract concepts of self and
of knots and of
hyper-dimensionality and of
concepts and of analogs and
of abstractions); then...
(Are we what we are?)

What is this thought
we surely are thinking?

And WHY should I even care
about you?

Or why should I care about
anyone else who, like you,
is even less real than
even I myself am?

If "God" (or Whatever even
remotely resembles our grand
ideas of what a god should be
or is) -- to completely get
away from my main point --
exists in any way at all,
this is surely ONLY because such
existence would be infinitely
more bizarre and absurd than is
even the existence of any "real"
human person (even my own;
even Hitler's..).
And THUS, God's existence
consequently might even be --
or it MUST be, if only
ridiculously, cruelly,
infuriatingly, yet laughably
-- ... quite so.



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