Thursday, September 5, 2013

Theoretically/Heretically Hypnothetical

Blog-post # 395:
(395 = 5*79.)

Ten new art inanimations:
(Although, there being ten
inanimations in one post is
not new, concept-wise.)

Weirder Than Whatever Was Ever
Wound Within What It Ever Was

Non-Thoughts Thinking
Nonsensically Of Unthinkability


As Ashes And Rust Of
Such Torrential Torque

Relativistic Arc-tangentiality

Cosines Of Quantum-Trigonometric
Particulates (Or Alternatingly Only So)

Spheres Perpendicular To Any
Sphericalness Or Orthogonality

Those Teratological
Topologies Of Oculi

Its Unidirectional Unturning
Interwoven With Within-ness

Glaringly Glossy Entropy Lastly
To Be As Nightmarishly Lackluster

Regarding the 6th image's
name: Perhaps even the
most abstract ideas of
mathematics are susceptible
somewhat to the laws of
quantum-physics (or are not).
So, maybe even the sine and
cosine curves of trigonometry
are, like light is, sometimes
waves, but also are sometimes


(Twenty --
That's plenty.)

Voids' mistaken sines:
Inside massive knots.


Often that aperiodicity was
to be spun as this nexus.
But its shape is what is of
any unexpected rotations.


Relativity is of
anything created;
as it then does move.
Soon, the gravity and
the fast velocity are
inside time.


Video and surrealism are
time's things so foreseen.
A strange dream inside
ourselves is of their


All is unclear. Yet
this is of stained,
twisted, torn lines.
It was translucent
solely inside itself
or inside that.


Undead din:
In a dud end.


Angry inside:
Any grin dies.


Vice's intent sins..


Its sin.


Shy intentions:
They non-insist.


.. itself.


Ever souls.


Spit is...
its sip.


did see...


They see..
the eyes.

[^I surely must have
posted this anagram
already; but it
complements the
previous anagram too
well to not include
it here.]

Eyes envision
their glassiness.
Everything so is,
is a lens, is seen.


Forever within, as
outside, as trees.
Those twisted universes
are of air.


Inside these plexiform
spheres,.. inside us so,
... The helix is denser,
is of superimposed sines.


Anything shines; as
this is celestial rust.
Such ash glistens there
in it, its analysis.


Some cosines
are celestial.
.. As all science
is to see more.


The possibilities considered
while awake regarding sleep
are still quite..



Having dissidently opposing
views on theology,...
while being somewhere else:


(^Thereof, the theoretical
heresy there of their
theological hearsay.)


Those whom are told what to
think or who tell others what
to think are...


(And, here, the absent "in-"
would have been respectively
somewhat similar in meaning
as 'in-' is at the beginning
of 'infinite'.)


Talking to yourself, however,
can be done on your..


(No contract...
-- no contact..)

What do they 'censor'?

Our.. "senses' sores".

(And our sense of soaring.)

The Tower Of Babel was,
in other words (ha),...

The Stifle Tower..


In another..

The so-called
'Red-Light District'
tends to be the..

'Crimson Crime-Zone.'


How much is the fraction
of us who 'intend to'?

of course.

tend to
'intend to'
what they
intend to,
if often due
to too much


The intransigence of all else:



A VERY short interval of time:

An 'eternitesimal'..

(^I think I might have already
read of this one somewhere,..
if only very briefly so.)

Surgical amputations are..



If I posed as a surgeon,
I surely would mostly
carry out...



Visually seeing things as the
opposite of what they really
are is seeing their...


Oh, that is quite the...


Funny that the terms
"whites of the eggs"
and "eye-whites" are not
as commonly used (it so
seems to me) as are the
terms "egg-whites" and
"whites of the eyes".

Maybe, along with more
common usage of the term
"eye-whites", the
(lens/aqueous-humor) of
an eye could be referred
to collectively, then,
as the "eye-yolk"?


[Warning: Politics.
Warning: May offend.]

Funny that politicians
(at least in the US)
always say they ran for
office for the purpose
of "public service".

Yeah, they serve the
public, they do,... like
a slave-master "serves"
his slaves.

The same is true regarding
private companies that do
their collecting of the
public's private data to,
quote, "Help us help
serve you better".
("You WILL help us help
enslave you,.. uh, we mean
SERVE you.. better!")

(It's like in that old
Twilight Zone episode
"To Serve Man".
Yeah, people, that's right;
it's a cook-book, suckers.)


Our current zeitgeist:

Ruthless Truthlessness


The women whom I have loved
and who have loved me
have all now moved on,..

moved on to
bigger and better...
("Things?"... No,..)

.. guys..

(Yeah, I am not exactly
one of those guys who
brags how he has "5 kids..
with 6 different women."*)

*(Aside: I will NEVER change
my mind about me never
becoming a father. Although,
.. I fear my future wife may
change it for me..
So, it is apt -- at least in
my hypothetical case -- that
"marriage" is an anagram
of "a grim era", then?)

Girl-band name?:

Gals With Gall

Being filled with emptiness
is being such an oxymoron.


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