Friday, September 27, 2013

Verbs Quite Mispronounced;.. Nouns Quite Misproverbial

Blog-post # 398:
(398 = 2*199.)

Twelve new art-inanimations.
(I should have posted many of
these sooner, but I was...

Regarding The Circularities Each
Of More Circumferences Than Radii

Divined Despite The Theorems
Of Mathematical Divination

Implied In Trigonometries Made
Impurely But Otherwise Of Chemistry

In These Coincidences
Least Like Any Geometry

Ironically Irregular Spheres
In The Dualities Of Their

Furthermore Of The Many
Fewnesses Of Fewest Furtherings

Maybe Mathematics Oscillates Between
Its Existence And Its Uncertainties


Molecules Made Into Any
Science Regarding Atoms

Molecular Trigonometries Each
Shaped As Every Stirring

Only/Both Of Fluidic Particles
And Of Particulate Fluctuations

This Symbolism Thus Of
Systematic Non-Symbolisms


(Nine; Nine more
nouns than none.)

Rotated oscillations spun.
Arcs tilted in
(as unto) loops.

[^Did I post something too
similar to this anagram
already? The words in it I
have used in many anagrams,
of course. Yet this
grouping of words seems
especially familiar.]


Scientific surrealism
turned within all
It soon will spin.
Its circumferential
radius then is.


End rut.


The spirals were conscious
things. They are to bend time.
A swirling introspection yet
becomes these thus heard.


As are claws, introspection is.
Science was rotation's spiral.




Rude form:
Of murder.


Coincidence lied so,
yet was this ruin.
Only it decides what
is in our science.


Coordinates meander,
if into those sums.
Dimensions are not
of arcs outside them.


A proverb written as a rebus
is quite.. 'pro-noun-ial'.


William Shakespeare may have
been shaped like a hose
(or.. even like a spear?).

Was he then...
tubey or not tubey?
That is the question..


I take,.. uh,..
in the fact that you, my
fellow non-German-speaker*,
cannot spell

But.. when this word is
simultaneously spelled
incorrectly and correctly
by you, I guess I have..
'Schrodinger's Schadenfreude'.

*[Yes, we speak the language
of 'Non-German', I guess.]


How do you signal visually
from afar the number two?

Using.. semi-fours,
of course.


Sometimes these occurrences
do 'oscil-late'.
But other times they
do.. 'oscil-early'.


A very loud sound made by
charged particles from the
sun hitting the Earth's
atmosphere might be called

aural borealis/australis.


The anti-universe** is:

The ... 'Sarcosmos'.

**(Like THIS universe?...
Oh, never mind.
I am just being...
so darn.. SARCASTIC...


Men who act stupidly around
women may just be, regarding
the women's intentions,..



Cult-followers are..


(^I may have posted
this one already.)

To predict what will
be predicted:

To 'PRE-phesy'.

Must even our prophecies
be prefaced?


When the computers accuse
human-intelligence of being
a simple facsimile of
then we will have problems.

But.. Robo-Romney will say
(if he/it has not already):

"People are computationally-
conscious, too, my friend."

And "AI" might soon mean
'Artificial Incorporation'
(maybe in reference to us).

('Terminator' allusion:
"On April 19, 2011,
Omnipresent Industries, Inc
achieved sentience.")


US democracy has, as is
inevitable in any country,
now also been...


(Core-upted to the core.)

Very large potential
for offensiveness.]

To paraphrase that
famous saying (itself
not too non-offensive):

Jail ALL the politicians..
Then let their extremely
large, hyper-muscular,
and very horny cellmates
sort them out!

More possible offensiveness.]

Those dead who are buried
in septic tanks are..

'in-turd'.. therein.

Potential offensiveness
and dangerous ideas.]

They say that suicide
is "selfish".

Hey, does that mean, then,
that they want the suicidal
persons to kill THEM TOO!?..

(Why keep all the
dying to one's self?)



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