Thursday, September 19, 2013

Of Pseudosensically Nonscientific Thingies

Blog-post # 397:
(397 = a prime.
About time for a prime.)

Eleven (also a prime)
art-inanimations today:

These Electromagnetisms Each
More Finite Than Zeroness

In Infinitely Dimensional Nullities
Of Zero-Dimensional Infinity

Each Sheen Was
Folded To Form It

Abstraction Refracted Into
The Many Absences We Possess

Woven Within The
Interweavings Of Otherness

Counterlikewise As Unclockwise

If Sans Insanity;...
Albeit Absent Sanity

The Quasi-Nothingness Of
Quantally-Existential Non-Axioms

The Least Proverbial Of Flames

This Is Most Sinusoidally So;
... As It Is Of The Absence

Thus Unspun So To So Unspin This

[No anagram-names today;
well, not any entire anagrams
as names today. The 3rd
image's name is one side of
an anagram, of the 4th
anagram below.]


Don't be a nine-conpoop;
and yes, even 9 can poop,
or at least nine
non-nincompoops can poop.)

Theses imagined reality.
As the lie is yet dreaming.


Reality began...
yet in algebra.


The universe is what
is a blank stain.
As in it, this was
ever as unthinkable.


The shadow made
of reflections:
Each sheen was
folded to form it.


Inflection-lessness is
as surreal things.
Its lenses stir all
seas of churning sines.


Maze or din?


This is glandular:
As in all drug-hits.


Small but coarse..
in this fog,..
As molecular bits
of things.


As fog:
Of gas.


Oh, what non-science
this pseudo-sense is!

Unclockwise, we moved
so, counter-likewise
(and otherwise did so
unto another, unto
that otherness other
than this anotherness
we then thus so did
move unto unwisely,
yes, yet did so, oh,


Quite a...
portmanteau this here is..


Since I am a prolific maker
of inanimated art, I guess
I am quite... 'noun-ose',

(If abstractions can be
considered 'nouns', anyway,
which they can.)

"This product will make you
feel.. QUITE WELL. And it will
do so .. VERY NICELY. And it is
EXCELLENTLY effective.":..



Politicians are our...


(Just not hired by us... even
if we are the ones who pay.)

(Raise be {if not 'praise be'}
to the politicians.)

You hear about the hurried
guy trying to style his hair,
while still mostly asleep,
at breakfast?

Yeah, he tried to..

comb a toast..
while comatose..


Infinitesimally small things,
if they are too small to have
shape (in any sense we can
understand) are thus...

'aLESSphously' shaped.

(See next-to-last anagram
above, regarding this.)

[Warning: Offensiveness.
Adult subject-matter.]

Suggestion for a woman's
liberation call:

"Vulva la révolution!"

[This I think I did hear before.
Likely back in the 1960's-70's;
yeah man... or woman.]


[Warning: The following
is actually offensive.
Beware. Be wary,...
wherever you be.]

Suggestion for a new(?)
slang-phrase for fondling
a woman... down-there:

"Rubbin' the reuben".


Yet,... then,... again,...
The flames became spikes,
and the spikes became spires,
and the spires became specious
But amorphous, but then...
became fire.


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