Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sideways, Yawed Is

Blog-post # 388:
(388 = 2*97*2.)

Ten new art-inanimations.
(Surprise. Ten again.
Maybe indeed often
it is of ten.)

Any Aspects As Such Are
As Things Such As Any Are

Counterpoint To All Collinearity

Aswirl, Alight, Aflame,
And Aglow, Although As So

Any Edgeless Unacknowledgement

If Perhaps The Existence Of
Existence Precludes All
From Existing

Our Most Imperceptible
Of Hallucinations

Macroscopic Thinnesses Unto
Anew Microscopic Thicknesses

Delineation De-Delineated
From The Likenesses Of Lines

Sinusoidally Spheroidal Spinlessness

Yet These Rhumbs
Are Logarithmically
And Loxodromically

[The first image here is
a counterpoint to the
6th image in my last post,
"As These Sur-cular
Cir-realities Are As Those
Cir-real Sur-cularities".]


(Six is.)

Swirling is as dense...
in weird glassiness.

[^Did I already post
this anagram?]

Truth is of reality's
own glass lies.
It rigorously was
less than itself.


In ruses where ghosts
are delineated,..
These swirl around
their edge as seen.


Ruses be...


Likewise in eyes
are the tints.
Yet I wink at
their lenses I see.


Is swayed.



'Sideways, yawed is.'


Why does the intelligent
enumerate those timepieces
in reverse order around the
circle they are arranged in?

Because he is quite the..



Why do vampires need
to keep drinking so
much blood?

because they always
are cutting themselves
while shaving...


Being mentally strained
by stains is being very..



A synopsis of the
preparations done on
your house for the
winter would be a..

of the winterization.


The so-called 'Domino
Theory' was a theory


just blame the intern..
(Speaking of proxies..)

"Yeah, it was the intern
who spread Communism
Yeah, the intern did it."

Quite an..
intern-national incident.

*From the free labor of
each intern according to
their abilities to each
corporation (or president)
according to their needs.

[Well, fun is done.]

It is ironic that the word
"amateur" is relatively
difficult to spell. While
someone who spells well
and even does so for money
(a writer or editor, say)
is (simply) a "pro".

We perhaps also need a
short word for "amateur",
such as "ama".

"I am an ama."
"You sure?"
"Yes, I 'am sure'
I am an 'amateur'."


Does even existence itself
ever exist? And can any
concept conceptually be real
if nothing but truth is true?

(Can solipsism be more than
absolute nihilism, or can
even purest nothingness be
herein me if only existence
exists {sans exception}?)

The thought itself must
think itself to be...
a thought...
and therefore not.

It ought to think of
that knot of noughts,
the knot of knots
of what we sought,
then fought,
or so forgot.


Allegedly we knew
to acknowledge all our
knowledge was alleged.


The masochistic cosmos,
the Maso-cosm, is
quite the Uni-versus.

(Warning: Some items
from the rest of this
post may offend you.)

[As long as we are
stereotyping people...
(Hey, EVERYBODY does it,..
or so is the stereotype.)]

Women may think
they're entitled.
But men think
they're endowed.


So, what do we know about
what that "H" stands for?..

Hey, exclaim this:

"Jesus Hussein Christ!"

And as long as we are
messing around with the
names of famous and
infamous people and

"Odin Bin Lama".

(That there is almost
a spoonerism, too.
A band-name, perhaps?)


And more to possibly
offend you all...

Where does the
Labia-Minotaur reside?

Within the
of course.

(Of course, this joke is
pretty useless. Except
that there must be a
band-name somewhere in
there,... in there,..
trying to escape,...
trying to exit,..
or trying to enter?..
Within?.. Between?..)


With omniscient government
spying, saying some things


often is offensiveness
turned-off, if turned
solely officially so
into, unto, upon, onto,
or of.. its upsettingly
awful offsets.]



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