Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cir-really Sur-cularities As Malformulated

[See the notes about the images' names
{following the images} for a partial
explanation of the neologisms in this
post's title.]

Blog-post 387:
(387 = 3*43*3).

Ten art inanimations again.
(Often of ten;
And often I make the
"'of ten' is often" comparison.
But have I done so ten times?
At some point I will have,
or I have already, however..

Accurately Mis-alphabetized
Are All Its Abaci

Non-Monotonically Never
Likewise Less Unlike Nouns

Prosaic Grotesqueness
Of Poetic Technology

The Potentiality Of This Truth
That Truth May Possibly Be

Prosaic Mosaic Of Poetic Processes

As These Sur-cular Cir-realities Are
As Those Cir-real Sur-cularities

An Under-complicated Malformulation
Of Any Anagraphatization

Foreverness Formulated From Mythic
Metaphors Of Phenomenal Finitude

Collinearities Polychromatically
Parallel To Crescents

Ultra-Mythematics Of
The Ultimate Metaphor

First, an update regarding
what I said about one of
the image names from my
previous post. I said:
[I suppose that the
non-handle part of a..
'spoon' would be a
'hemisphere' which is
That is actually only
a semi-spoonerism

Regarding the 6th image's
name: It is the most
surreal of circles that
might possess quite the
'sur-cular cir-realism'.

Regarding the 7th image's
name: Yes, "malformulation"
is a neologism regarding
malformed formulations.
And "anagraphatization"
is similar to
anagrammatization, but
is in regards to images
and visual concepts
instead of words.

Regarding the 10th image's
name: "Mythematics" means
what you might have guessed
(or.. somewhat so..).
The myth of math. Maybe
pseudo-mathematics, perhaps.

And, yes, two images both
have both the words "poetic"
and "prosaic" in them.
For more fun in that regard,
see the last anagram below.


nine more than none.]
(Especially the first two
are significantly true.)

Axiomatic essence:
Existence is a coma.


Any meaninglessness
is solely logical.
Nonsensically so,
messes agilely align.


When analyzed, monotony
appears as labyrinthine
as messiest ruin.
Those are its own
phenomenally astray
mazes spun inside
any brain.


This destined cosmos again
is cast hyper-dimensionally.
Astrophysics indeed only
aligns so inside mathematics.


The last cosmos is what
lastly is what is manmade.
Masochism almost was this,
yet ends all that I was.


The ionic photons are thus
of myths until seen there.
They churn as fire upon
those into these lost
in them.


Everything's hues and
all's crescents arose.
These vast ends are
carelessly churning so.


Paperwork was what
is an end undone.
We are spoken with
and as drawn upon.


Insanity's prose:
It is any person's;
As in poetry's sin.


[This first observation seems
familiar, as if I have posted
it already.]

even the word "parody"
is itself mainly a parody
of the word "parity".

Unequivocally, a


Brownish-colored stained-glass
is quite...



Visual illusions are cast
by which kind of particles?

'FAUXtons', of course.


Photons: Partway particles;
And in some ways sine-waves.

In other words,..


(And when refracted,
photons do... part ways..
{so to diverge into
their different hues}.)


The branch of the theory of
relativity that deals not at
all with the time-dimension
is the..

Theory Of Spatial-Relativity.

{Einstein would have formulated
only this version of his theory
instead if...
he had had much less time.}


Remarkably reduced (in much
the same way the above joke
diminishes Einstein's theory):

Being quite...


The entropy of its entirety
leads the universe to become
quite the..



Infinitely in the past:


[This word seems familiar.
Has it preexisted before
all other words existed and
before time?]

Disturbingly distorted machines
and electronics are humanity's..


[And we created it all...
in OUR image...]

[Now, some sciencelessness..]

We are surely living in
trying times...

Well, worse, since we no
longer necessarily have any
habeas corpus right to even
be tried by time anymore.


Most Americans really want
to be congressional-lobbists
(more so than even be

Yes, most would LOVE to lob
the members of Congress
... with a catapult
into the abyss.

[Now the non-jokes..
{sort of}]

And it would be appropriate
if auto-correct 'corrected'
"autocorrect" itself by
replacing it with "autocracy".

(If you accidently write what
may be construed to be a bit
bigoted, however, you might
have made a.. 'stereotypo'.)

Hedging your bets is using:


(It seems that the best-case
scenario is almost always,
at-best, the middlemost-case


In English, adjectives modify/
describe nouns, and adverbs
modify/describe adjectives
and verbs, as you know.
Yet, as you also know, adverbs
modify/describe other adverbs,
which may confuse the reader
when there is a chain of many
adverbs each modified by the
previous adverb.

So -- as I bet has been
suggested already before by
others -- maybe an adverb
modifying/describing another
adverb should end in -"lyly".

And, as you might have
guessed I will now suggest, an
adverb modifying/describing an
adverb modifying/describing an
adverb might end in -"lylyly".


(Maybe -"ly^n" could be
used for those adverbs
of very high-order or
of variable-order.)

All these "lylylyly"s may not
necessarily be easy to say,
but maybe they would at least
be fun to say.. (Yipee.)
And maybe they might be less
confusing to read, at least,
whenever there is an attempt
to communicate in writing any
higher-order adverb-ization.


In this artificial artifice,
mostly maddeningly manmade:

Here, herein, are our..
hellish hallucinations of
luciferian incantations.

Forever formulated from
math's mythical metaphors
of unthinkability and
unimaginable finitude,
there, those and these
theses are nominally
as abominable, and thus
they are truthful if yet
they are theoretical,..

And the formulations of
forever are all malformed,
and otherwise are likewise
(and else are also)
.. malformulated.



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I like em all but this,
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