Sunday, June 30, 2013

Numermetry Of Oneiromaniacs

Blog-post # 386:
(386 = 2*193.)

Then,... ten images.
(Inanimately often of ten,..
if yet again.)

Illogical Tautologies All
Provably Apropos Of All


As A Sphere -- Shapes Are

Somewhat Of Hemispheres
All Semi-Here

Yet This Oneiromancy
Was Itself Dreamt

Numermetrics Of
Countable Enumerations

Unkempt Yet Undreamt And
Experimentally Misspelled

Existentially Labyrinthine
Translucence Of Entirety

Thereof These Theorems Therein
This Theatrical Quasi-Hypnogogia


Regarding some of
these image's names:

You may remember the word
"Quantinuum", the 2nd
image's name, from my
last post. I believe it is
a neologism (maybe). It
is a portmanteau mixing
"quantum" and "continuum".
It is also a bit of an
oxymoron, given that
a "continuum" is
by-definition not quantized.
But in-fact, the continuum
that is our universe's may
be quantized anyway.

The third image's name
is an anagram (see below).

Regarding the 4th image's
name: I suppose that the
non-handle part of a..
'spoon' would be a
'hemisphere' which is

From the 6th image's name:
"Numermetrics" might be a
neologism, but it sounds
to me like it must not be.
It would mean, I guess,
the science/math of the
measurement of numbers.
(Oh, that SEEMS like a
redundant concept..)

From the 9th image's name:
"Hypnogogia" is a
preexisting word that
refers to the state your
mind is in just before you
fall asleep. So,
"Quasi-Hypnogogia" is the
concept of being halfway


(6; the six is in.)

All is as any vector
.. yet in oval scalars.


The one nothingness was
as plexiform as it is.
Hexagonal points were
in this mess of stains.


A coil knots;
it arcs too,
as helices were wrung.
Those twirls are again
so counterclockwise.


No irony came.


The cosmic end is so.
This dooms science.


Shapes are...
As a sphere.

[^Did I post this
last anagram before?
... I mean, in any earlier
post? Of course I posted
it above in THIS post
{as an image-name}.]

This which is symbolic of
whatever is unbounded by
any (finite) symbolisms:

This is the..


The hyperactive madness
of divining our dreams:



The most complicated of
any 6-sided polygon:

A 'plexigon'.


(And those forms one gets
from the government to use
to apply for benefits or
to pay one's taxes are
quite the 'plexi-forms'.)


Which of the sciences is
the most overly-dramatic?

Theatrical physics,
of course.

(Sometimes, it still...
A-bombs at the box-office,



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