Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Blog post # 383:
(383 = Prime,
a prime to rhyme.
Three eight three,
it does be.)

Ten new inanimation art-images:
(Maybe 'often' are the number
of images 'of ten', despite what
I claimed earlier.)

Crystalline Multiplications
Plurally Plus Glassy Multiplicativity

Continua Of Spectralism's Inflectua

Bisections Of Bijections Of
Each Monotonic Miscounting Of One

Inexplicabilities And Their
Circle-like Asymmetries

Trigonometronomic Discontin-Unity

Eclipses Inside All
These {(}Parentheses{)}

Despite All Balance Of Imbalance Or
Counterbalance Or Of Their Lacking

Dichotomously Neither Or Either
Of Existence Nor Nothingness

Imperfect Permutations Of
Perfect Absences Of Permutation

Multiplications Plus Pulsations
Added To Trigonometry

Regarding "{(}Parentheses{)}":
even the parentheses themselves
are in parentheses.

Regarding "Inflectua":
I do not think this word
pre-exists. I mean by it:
The plurality of inflected
continua (or the continua of
all geometric inflections).

A couple other neologisms;
But you can figure those
out on your own.


(Only 4, no more.
Not very much
this post, ironically
because my life and
mind this week have
been so scrambled.)

Finite space-time winds
around those blurs it is.
Because emptiness thus
did swirl, if in rotation.


These many diagonals are
less dimensionally little.
As all angles tilted
more inside; as only
the lines may.


Worlds once seen are
without eclipses.
Those were so spilled
unto raw science.


Trigonometry became as
mistaken inside angles.
Its many metronomes are
being ticked again less.


Which planet rotates
the most?

Sa-TURN, of course.

(And it can spin RINGS around
any other planets that want
to challenge it..)


That profound theory from the
science of linguistics surely
is very..


to the average person.


Clocks and metronomes are..


[^This seems very familiar.
Did I post it already?]

(But even if I already did
post this joke before, I
guess it is good anyway to
post it... periodically.)

[^And I just realized that
an ellipsis {"..."} is a
set of.. periodic periods.]


And when your computer gives
you problems, you are then
... 'teched-off'.

[^And this seems like it
must be someone else's joke
I read somewhere.]

Angry and/or dissident
and/or delinquent bees
tend to...



If a beauty-parlor's
hairdresser, as a joke,
makes a woman ugly
instead of beautiful,
this would be quite a..

(And, hence, a
possible band-name
comes to mind here:

Possibly offensive joke.]

The difference between
a drag-racer and
a drag-queen?

The first drives
the straightaways.

The other drives
the straights away.


Why did the overly wholesome
young lady have no suitors?

Because she...
chaste.. them all away..

{Again, ^old joke
which is not mine?}

Being unloved (har-har), I
am a 'nogamist', I guess.

Even the MOnogamists
get "mo'" than I do..



How does a streak consisting
of both wins and losses
finally come to end in
a palindromic game?

'Ties reverse it.'

(It's all in-balance, man.
It's all out-of-imbalance.)

Where do you find a
missing philosopher?

In the..
"Lost And Profound".

[This joke seems familiar.
Did I post it already?
Or did I read it somewhere?]

But the not-as-profound
thinker, however, is
just a..


(Seriously, enough.
No more joking.)

I have had a bad breakup
with humanity.
Humanity, see, was cheating on
me with God, for one thing.

(Or did I instead have a bad
breakup with God, who was
cheating on me with humanity?
Either way,
I am not interested in
that 3-way.)
(A.. Hate-Triangle.)


I was thinking that one
of the reasons the concept
of optical refraction
seems so interesting to me
is because it essentially
(and synesthetically)
relates the geometry of
angularity to colors/hues
and their relative positions
within the visual

(Colors become shapes,
and conversely...
As happens in visual art.)


It is likely smart to generally
almost always believe the truth
is what is the exact opposite of
what most people claim is true.

This is a good..
'Rule Of Tiniest-Toe'
to follow..



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