Sunday, June 23, 2013

Counterconsciously Countercountable Counterclockwisenesses

(Counterintuitive are these
counter-consciously counter-countable
counterclockwisenesses I have
counter-continuously and
counter-correlationally encountered.)

Blog-post # 385:
(385 = 5*11*7.)

Six new art inanimations.

Trigonometries Mathematically
Mechanized And Asinine


Spectra Of Etceteras

Anthropomorphic Lack
Of Self-Metaphors

Random Reciprocals Of
Every Quasi-Translucency

Integers Interwoven
Within Their Insanities

("Hexagontinuum" is a
portmanteau, a cross between
"hexagon" and "continuum".)

Six images,
then six anagrams.
So, would a mix of six
be.. 'hetero-six-ual'?..)

Energetic insanity:
Yet in its inner cage.


This hole swirls,
yet hues rotate.
They are less
without their loss.


The agnostic
solstice arose.
Its technologies
are cast so.

[Aside: Happy solstice,
if a few days belatedly.
Summer in the North.
Winter in the South.
And Spring in the East
and Fall in the West?]

Coils set.


A cosmic shit:


All only inside it,
our sick masochism:
Mistakenly as ill is
such ironic doom.

[Some wisdom: Take note.]

Human-society is like math:

Division is...


Cartoons are...

(Is this an old joke, and
not mine? It seems familiar.
But that might be only
because it seems to me to
be so simplistic, somehow,
as if it itself is just
a childish line-drawing.)

What does the
see, despite his



The phrase
"Ladies and gentlemen",
when you think about it,
really seems so...
(And even a bit sexist.)

Maybe when addressing a
rougher crowd, one can
say, "Brutish-ladies and
regular-tempered men,..".

*(Was it I who discussed
-- and did I do so herein
this very blog -- the
fact that the expression
"old-fashioned" itself
seems so old-fashioned?)

An item from my April 19th,
2013 post (#375):

[The eerie parallels between
the Hindenburg and the Titanic
(For one thing,
the first-officer of the
Titanic was named "Hindenburg",
and the first-officer of the
Hindenburg was named..uh,..
{Shake up, Weeple!..})]

An update:

The Titanic hit a 'berg'.
And, conversely, the
Hindenburg must have gotten

(And before you criticize me
for joking about unfunny
things**, AT LEAST I made no
joke here about the two
anatomically interesting
words suggested by the first
few letters of each of these
ships' names. And shame on you
for seeing those words, too.)

**(But is it okay to joke
about unfunny things if the
jokes themselves are unfunny?)

The proverbial "wolves in
sheep's clothing" are...


[The following two items
are America-centric.]

J Edgar Hoover was a...


(..Or so I heard; and he
heard we had heard).

Any of the many recent
political scandals in the
US involving both idiocy
and technology (ahem)
could be nicknamed:



What is the best day of the
year to go on a blind-date?

September 11th, of course:
A date on which we all
were... blinded.

(Did I write that out-loud?

No more funniness today.

Rhetorical jokes:
Even more telling than
what the rhetorical
questions have asked...
of you.

(.. And those rhetorical
questions and jokes {and
questionable jokes} have
all asked of you to ask..
{of} yourself.)


"Good will win in the end,"
they say.
First, this bromide most
surely is just an outright
lie. But true or not, are
those optimists who claim
this as truth thus claiming
in-essence that in "The End"
-- long after everything
they each have ever cared
about has ceased to exist
and very long after everyone
they have ever loved is dead
-- THEN "good" will finally
(FINALLY) overcome?



Something to say about
auto-correct (which, full-
disclosure, I do not have
experience with, thankfully):

A free-will spell-check is
fine. (Simply underlining the
words that might be wrong.)
"correct" my spelling,
you damn software/device!

People act like auto-correct
cannot be turned off --
they are always complaining
about it.
(Can it not be turned off?)

Prediction: (Perhaps a good
idea for a dystopian story
{if relatively silly one},..
which soon becomes reality,
despite the story's seemingly
absurd hyperbole-esque-ness,
doing so.. yet.. again..)

In the near future, the
federal government will pass
legislation making it a
federal crime -- a very
serious felony, maybe even
officially an "act of terror"
(of course..) -- to dare try
to turn your device's
auto-correct off.
And maybe it will also be a
very serious crime to even
simply discuss with anyone
the topic of turning it off.

You herd it hear first...
Don't trust those woolves..)

The 'Quantinuum'...


Finally, a new
for people to use
if they so choose:

[Warning: Bad language.
May offend.]

Women always seem to
be giving me a..

"F^ck you; not me."

(It made sense to follow the
non-sequitur above with what
is definitely not in any way
a non-sequitur, huh?)


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