Monday, June 17, 2013


Blog-post #384:
(384 = 2*2*2*2*2*2*2*3.)

Nine new inanimations:

Integers Rotate Yet
Cosines Divide Into All

Ellipsis-less Multi-Angularities
Of Pseudo-Mythoi

Less Than All Finitudes Yet
More Than Any Eternity

As Even The 'Equals' Are
Each Unequal To Each

Plexiform Crux Of
This Zeroness Thusly

Spheres As Convoluted As
Are Any Cuspidate Ovals

Relativistic Retinae Visualized
By Any Retinue Of Non-Consequences

Torque Is As That Is
-- This Quasi-Rotates



Anagrams: 5.
(Five are so.. -- As ever of I.
{And then there were six..})

All is as forgotten as integers.
Its rotating angles are of less.


This quasi-rotates.
Torque is as that is.

[^Did I post this one before?
It is the title of an image
I posted today, however.]

As inside all,
as introspection:
It is a lens, and is
once to spiral.


Ill abuse was then suicide.
Because, all dies within us.


Ideal spheres stay as
convoluted therein.
Their ovals are then
so densely cuspidate.


Which monster likes to enter
your house announced?

The Knock-Less Monster..


To alternate repeatedly between
being in and out of the room
is to be..

regarding how you..
enter leaving.


The transpositions of
transvestite drug-lords:

The Drug-Queen Drag-Kingpin,...
The Drug-Queenpin Drag-King,
and vice-versa.


Suggestion for title of story
about Adam's life before Eve
was created:



People act like falling into
a bottomless pit would be so

But what's worse than falling
into a bottomless pit?

.. Falling into a pit
WITH a bottom, obviously..

[Warning: Adult themes.]

And what is worse, for a man,
than knowing you have a
problem getting an erection?

.. NOT KNOWING if you have a
problem getting an erection...

[I may have posted something
already in my blog similar to
the second of these two jokes^.
And the top joke of these two
I may have read somewhere else.]
(No more joking..)

My laundry is racially integrated
-- whites and darks washed
together without any problem.*

People treat society sometimes as
if it is the laundry:
As if the dark essence of
minorities will somehow stain
the pure white essence of white
people, or vice-versa, if the
groups DARE intermingle.
(As if that "staining" would even
be necessarily bad in any way.)

*(Has even my laundry received a
court-order to integrate?)


On a laundry-related note:
Years ago I added bleach to my
laundry without knowing what I
was doing. Well, I poured it
right onto my (favorite,
I think) plain black shirt...

When the laundry was done,
at first I was horrified..
But then..
I soon realized that that
shirt now looked really cool,
because it then had a nice
black-and-white tie-dye-like

Well, the point of me telling
you this story, besides the
serendipity, is to point out
that a gray-scale tie-dye
design can look pretty cool
(and also look coolly pretty).
(Maybe it might, if done right,
look at least a little bit
'goth-meets-hippy', even.)


Speaking of integration:

If I ever get into a relationship
again, I will tell everyone that
me and my girlfriend are in a
.. 'mixed-gender relationship'.

(Some people might have a problem
with our mixed-gender relationship
{especially so in the US South,
But, damn it, love is love.
Stop judging us with your bigoted
values, people! Those types of
values are finally dying off now,
and for good reason..)


Getting profound...
(I guess I am more pro-found
than I am anti-found..)

I heard it said that,
"Everything Is Everything."

I guess that is true, but perhaps
only because "0=0".
(Since Everything = 0.
Get it?)

But not all 0's are EXACTLY equal.

And not even all 'equals' are
exactly equal to each other.

Nor are all types of inequalities
(including these^ relating to
the 'equals') exactly equal.

**(Not even mathematically are
all zeroes EXACTLY equal in all
For example, to illustrate what
I mean by this:
The percentage of 'real numbers'
{ie. decimally-represented
numbers with decimals going
potentially forever} that are
'fractions' {ie. each an integer
divided by an integer; and all
fractions are a subset of the
reals} is 0%, and absolutely
not any larger.
However, there obviously are
not NO fractions at all.
{In-fact, there are actually an
infinite number of fractions.}
In other words, the percentage
of all real numbers that are
fractions is not 0% in the most
absolutely zero-est sense of 0%.
But yet the percentage indeed
is still a very firm 0%.
{I think it was the
mathematician Cantor who
first published a proof of how
the real numbers in-general
are FAR more numerous than
are the fractions.})



Move to the next level when you
finally discover and understand
that you are simply a character
in this game -- you are both
the player and the played.

You advance to the yet next
higher level when you finally
understand that you are simply
a character in a game playing
a game-within-a-game.

And you advance further yet
when you finally know of the
meta-game of all meta-games,
and know of the levels of
levels and of the many-ordered
levels of the word "meta":

Then you advance to the next
even higher level when...


The office assistant who writes
whatever he/she feels like despite
what is dictated to them to write,
and who acts very surreally
otherwise, is quite the..




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