Sunday, July 21, 2013

Atomically And Anatomically As Autonomically Anthropomorphic

Blog-post # 389:
(389 = a prime, maybe.)

Seven new art-inanimations:

Encircled By Circle-lessness


Entropy Somewhat Either Or
Neither Yet Maybe Partway

Plexistentially If
Labyrinthinely Aswirl

Nevertheless Of A Non-Nothingness
Nonetheless As Nonsensical

Messily Monotonic And Monotonously
Multiangular Or As Multidirectional

Symmetry Is As
As Is It

Regarding some
images' names:

From 2nd image:
"Morpharithmic" is
derived from "morpha-",
meaning 'form', and
"-rithmic", taken
from the end of
the word "logarithm".

From 4th image:
is a portmanteau
mixing "plexus" or
"plexiform" with
isn't really a
neologism, but is
suppose to be the
adverb form of
(But I am not sure
if I have that right.)

Regarding the 7th
image's name:
Depending upon how
one defines
it may even be a form
of symmetry, ironically.
(An "odd (mathematical)
function", such as x^3,
is an example of what I
mean here. In other
words, the reflection is
the negation.
There are other possible
interpretations too of
what might be meant by
anti-symmetry is a
form of symmetry.)


(Then ten {again}.)

The dreams were
shaping all geometry.
Yet some nightmares
are graphed well.


Shapes encircled
this as...
its spherical
scenes had.


Each solar yet lunar moon
is as stellar, but is of
noisier finitude.
Such suns are to
rotationally remain
inside it all,
if before us so.


One is as two:
Cosmically, these numbers
alone did only add into
that whole.
This nonsense was all
a dichotomy between
all dichotomy
and/or solitude.


Therein our entirely hated
selves, freedom actively
revolts against us.
Nevertheless, it does rust
forever, as vile ignorance
yet ultimately had.


In a death aglow,
loss is cured.
All this was our
sad genocide.


As the self:
Flesh eats.

- -

I taste.
It eats.

- -

In taste, flesh dies.
The self is stained.

- -

Vegans' mirage.


(Regarding last anagram above:

Vegans don't eat golden calves,
regular calves, or any other
graven-images.. or any gravy.)

If a vegan slips-up by eating
a robotic calf (or some of that
lab-grown meat -- in the news),
they might claim they are still
... technically vegans.
(Wait, or are they NOT
technically vegans, but
are otherwise?)


My eyes are too close to
my nose. They are SO near
my nose.. that once when I
had a cold, I accidently..

'blue' my eyes..


You hear about the greedy
comedian who told very many
jokes involving spoonerisms?

Yeah, that funny-man
was a money-fan.

Speaking of:..
Be sure to wear your..
'wide socks'
when walking those..


(Footpaths: They are..
byways for the bipeds.)


Dressing counter-conformistly
is the latest...


Any reaction against the
recent rise in worldwide
will (hopefully) be quite

(But I guess the backlash
could work either way..
{as backlashes usually can;
.. by-definition, even}.)


If cosines are of the Cosmos,
are sines then of the 'Smos'?

(We are living in the Co-smos,
out-of-phase with the Smos.)

(But the Universe is ENTIRELY
out-of-phase with the "Iverse",


What happened to the band
when their fame was over?

Their fans..
'a-band-done'-ed them..


Where do they grow the
most weirdly experimental
of flowers?

In the..
'Avant-Garden', of course.

(And those flowers are
really.. ground-breaking,
.. especially right after
their seeds/bulbs sprout.)

(Agnostics are accosted
by caustic acoustics.)



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