Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not In A Stir

Blog post # 244:
(244 = 2*61*2.)

Unrestrained Virtue

As An Inadequate Tantrum

Only Somewhat Otherwise

Madness' Mass

(I guess I like the top picture best, but not by a large amount.)


Two anagrams today. (One more than one.)

Crescent is lit.
It sent circles.


Not in a stir.


Thus this:

Deadpan bedpan,
it entails entrails
of the psychic sidekick,
a cheapskate cheesecake
both oblivious and obvious,
despite his gentle genitals
of omissions, of emissions,
yes, surely, yet sourly.




1 comment:

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

I guess 'almonds' make 'amends'.