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Lopsided Selfishness

Finitude Voided

Astonishment Perturbed

Implosive Relinquishment


Okay, I actually have two anagrams for today:

As prayers,
rapers say.


And I toss pie.
It does a spin.


So, if you want to measure the level of religiosity of something or someone -- such as of a politician or of your kid's school's new "science" curriculum -- there should be a device to objectively do that.

And that device should be called the...

Actually, speaking of pseudoscience, I bet you could even "prove" astrology to be true if you conducted enough studies on the subject and invoked enough statistics.
(The ease that so many things can be "proved" is one reason I do not trust psychological studies, and tend to believe that psychology is at least somewhat a pseudoscience in actuality.)

I mean, in regards to astrology, I do highly doubt that "the stars" have any significant effect on our personalities at all. But... it might actually be at least somewhat true that when people are born during the year DOES at least somewhat affect people's personalities, at least on average.
But the reason why may actually be because of seasonal influences here on Earth -- such as certain allergens in the air or diseases acquired -- that our mothers are exposed to while they are pregnant with us or that we ourselves are exposed to when we are very young.
I bet, although I have not heard of such a study being done, that if there was a STUDY (A Study!) that compared personality traits to when people were born during the year, indeed, trends would emerge. But I think such trends would only be miniscule (such as, say, a 5% greater likelihood that people of a certain zodiac sign are more outgoing or whatever -- I am sure it would not be even close to the finding that all people with a certain sign have a certain trait more so than other people with other zodiac signs do).

What's your sign?..

(I think I heard that one somewhere.)


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