Monday, February 4, 2013

Between The Betweennesses Of All Intrafinite Spectra

[Just ignore my pretentious
blog-title. Or is it of...

Blog-post # 362:
(362 = 2*181.)

Six new images:
(I like these today.)
(But will I like them
another day?..)
(But inanimation,
unlike people, never
becomes lusterless.)

Topology-less Glassiness

Spectra Each Permutated Within Into Imaginings

Intrafinity And Its Infrafinite Interfinitudes

Diffracted Dreams Of Unreal Circles

Disjointedness Of All's
Ambivalence And/Or Certainty

Regarding All Refracted Avant-Garde Ambivalences

(Note: The third image's name
is a bit tricky and involves
mathematical neologies.)
(And, yes, I am aware the
5th and 6th images' names
share the words "all" and
"ambivalence"; and that the
4th image's name involves
"diffracted" while the 6th
image's name involves
"refracted", and moreover
the 2nd image's name
involves "spectra".)


a trine of trines.
They're mine,
thus they're fine.)


They are it; as its
one multidimensional
scalar is them.
All their inanimate
sums do easily create
most in this.


Of the radioactivity's
It creates those in
every diffraction.


Our lasers:
So surreal.

[^An enlightening anagram.]

This shape is made
of our ignorance's
twisted mess.
It was conforming as
those same spheres
it did use.


These said...
the asides.


Ever do an...


Those fingerprints
are asleep, are
all aswirl too.
A star will loop
there as a pine's
leaf or tree-rings.


The fantastic zigzags
were in me as so.
Again, some fizz
was scattering these.


Loops enslaved
us there.
Pulses then
ever do also.


The eyes:
They see.

[^Did I already post
this anagram? This is my
tenth anagram today. But
since it may have been
posted before, and more
so because I wanted to
write above about a
'trine of trines',
I post this as just a


If one is (vaguely) clearly
almost an optimist, he
must be...

A fool half-glassy.

(However, what about the
optometrist who prescribes
only monocles?
He believes that the
glasses themselves are
best halved {whether fully
or otherwise}, I guess.)


Sit-com joke:

A small group of women are
talking amongst themselves
about how they try to
please their husbands.

One woman then says:
"Hey, the best way to
my husband's heart,
though,... is..
with.. a dagger."


Sit-com name:

"Sick-Tom's Sit-Com".

(This is a variation on
spoonerisms -- it is
a switch in the typical


We un-forgetful* people
are all now obsolete.

Yes, alas, our time has
.. 'past'.

*(but forgettable)

Computer algorithms are
often written using...


(Those algorithms are

And if a person is addicted
to addition, he may be a..

(I guess crystallographers
really like their..



Till a sad ellipse
spilled as all it.


Ah, to settle on the subtle..

And now to subvert
that subtleness....

Possibly offensive
langage ahead.]

New thing to say:

"Hey, that's really..


[Warning. Possibly
even more offensively
offensive offensiveness.
Warning. Politics.]

Right-wing conservatism is
completely counter both to
any common-good and to any
common-sense, yet, however,
(ironically and irritatingly)
it still is not in any way

^There you have it (for
you George W Bush-fans):
The... "Axiom Of Evil".

(But some people don't
agree with me here.


The news, generally, has been
so boring to me lately, very
unlike how it once was much
more interesting to me.
Almost nothing interests me
anymore regarding world-events
or even about national or
local news -- maybe because
things are SO AWFUL in the
news that I just have finally
given up and now surrender to
how horrible all of it is by
denying it all.

Well, I guess a full-scale
nuclear-war taking place
would interest me some bit,
however,.. but even then,..
only briefly so..



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kikinotdee said...

Hi Leroy, I'm the same with the news it's all to depressing, something has got to give!
love the art :)