Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lacking Logarithmic Labyrinths

Blog-post # 361:
(361 = 19*19.
A prime-squared,..
as if you cared..)

Seven new pieces of my

This Magnitude Between Its One Self And Itself

Translucency Sans Its Void

Mis-seen In Its Misspelled Dreams Of Dictionaries

Crystallinearity Unlike Crystal Or Linearity

Immaterial Is This Quasi-Translucence

As Sidereal Scalars Intermittently Of Themselves

Quasi-Multiangular And Somewhat Unidirectional

(Sorry about all the
quasi-translucence in
these images' titles.)

And, yes, "Crystallinearity"
(in 4th image's title) is
not a preexisting word.


(Only five,
but I like most of them.)

Such densities
made theorems.
They did create each pi
more so inside all sums.


Monotonic linearity
rises, then it ascends.
That is indirectly to
arc in some, in oneness.


Light moved as its
cosines.. then sines.
Some things coil
inside the vastness.


The weird arts' dense
energies transcend a sin
.. created inside their
drawn strangeness seen.


It grins so; then
its tongues salivate.
This is ourselves
eating, not tasting.


And now...
The grins and groans:
(But hopefully no groins..
.. for today, anyway.)

Surrounding this incompetent
jerk, people do say that
there surely is an..

'err of error-gance'.

(And he doesn't even know it.
But he surely 'No!'s us.)

You know why its was so obvious
that the jet was about to fly
over the ocean?

Because it was surely..


You hear about that
car-mechanic who went
to prison?

Yeah, he went from..
working on the crank-shafts..
to working in the shank-crafts.

(And I'll give you one guess
which type of eating-utensil
he most often crafts in the
prison workshop into these

Ignorant asinine idiots just
want to hide deeper and deeper
inside their.. BUNK-ers*..
when confronted with the facts.

*(mental and sometimes
even literal bunkers)

Old unoriginal joke, again.
{And most often, but not
always, it is about people
who are old and unoriginal,
I suppose.})

The ambiguous prophecies about
the future of quantum-
superpositions were revealed
(and simultaneously not so)
by the..


(Revealed a little nebulously,

Which day is it when almost all
of the water your household uses
goes to washing your clothes?

'Lawn-dry day', of course!


The bakery was trying to make
some sourdough bread. But it
instead all just went..

(^I do think I have indeed
heard this one too somewhere
else before.)

Why did the cannibals not want
to "invite" that one person
"to dinner"?

Because he was..
persona non gratin.

(And you gotta' have gratin
with your persons.)

Those people who never eat
animal-products ever, almost
consistently, but still do
sometimes eat them anyway,



(Now, some jokelessness..)

There are surely many more people
each pretending to be something
that they are not...
than there are even people at all.

(Damn it, readers;
I am NOT referring here to the
remote possibility that some
"people" are really non-human
animals or extraterrestrials
in-disguise. I am trying to be
philosophically profound here
{yet pretentiously so,
perhaps?..}; that is all.)


New job:

A 'Weirdist'.

(Reality: It is
the weirdest surrealists
the surrealest weirdists.)


An unemployed weirdist
(A surrealist stole my job):


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