Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Else-ness Unlike Dissimilarity

Blog post # 357:
(357 = 3*7*17.)

Seven new images.

Yet The Trigonometries Also Precess

Else-ness Unlike Etceteras

Irreducibly Enclosed By All-Inclusiveness

Insanity Sans Its Many Benign Weirdnesses

Truth's Conjecture That Any Truth May Be

Dissimilar To Every Noun, Abstraction, And Axiom

In Unthinkable Angles Of Unimaginable Turning

(The first two are my favorites.)


(Six. Six?.. Six!)

The roundness,
it entwined as rays.
Within any densest dents
are ours.


Yes, a density produces nouns'
pieces or their spinning.
Since its angry precision
in these depends upon yours.


Once is..
so nice..
is cone.


Forever, Hell is a ruse.
Evil slurs are of here.


These are thin and drawn.
Yet all is severed.
Threads were then
vastly as linear, indeed.


A line so drawn,...
if to a cursive so true.
Our clearest vision
of it was unread.


(Not much else today.
But is that good, though?)

[Warning: Politics ahead.
Warning: And puns.]

If those Ayn-Rand-acolytes --
those who often say this -- are
actually correct when they claim
that all the richest people have
worked hard to get whatever they
have, and all the people who have
worked hard enough are rich (as
they deserve to be) -- and,
conversely, all the poor deserve
to be poor because they are all
lazy -- then I guess it might
be said,.. that we could thus
classify our society as being
of two distinct groups:...

The 'heave(r)s' and
the 'heave-nots'!..

I never noticed this before;..
But the name "Ayn Rand" sounds
a lot like "Iran", maybe even
more so than that country's
name sounds like "Iraq".
("Iraq" versus "Iran" being
the name-comparison usually made.)
I wonder if someone on the political
left should point out this
"Any-Rand" versus "Iran"
sound-alike-ness whilst debating
politics; do so just for fun,
you know.
(There HAVE to be SOME comparisons
that can be made in this regard
beyond only their names, although I
cannot now think of any, besides
maybe the ideologies of both being
counter to the success of American
society, or something, perhaps.)

After all, "Obama" sounding
like "Osama" has been fair game.

I used to mis-hear the song by
Flock Of Seagulls as going,
"Iran, Iran so far away."*
So, I guess then, that song
could be rewritten to go,
"Ayn Rand, Ayn Rand so far out."

*(I wasn't fooled. I always knew
the song was really "I ran".
.. Or was it, though??..)


If you eat suspicious food on a
dare, perhaps it can be said you
then do.. ingest... in-jest!..


But practical-jokes can
sometimes lead to quite the..


(Hey, I've heard of both Justices
of the Court and Court Jesters.
There must be a joke in there
somewhere, though, whatever it is.
Disorder in the court, I guess.)

Swearing on the Bible
(after taking the stand):
"(I'm taking a stand, here.)
F*ck the Bible!"
Damn, that would be some
.. WIT-ness statement.

"You're out of order!"

And, you, your honor,
are permutated as well.
Crap, but I'm out of
chaos. Want to trade?

"Off with this court-
jester's head!"

Got to.. head-off any of my
silliness, y'all, I guess.
Good plan, your honor.
And hey, you may be..
Your Honor; but I am just
ON today, man. Yeah.


Hey, I appeal!
.. if to only myself..

In just ice..
is injustice..
when all we deserve to ever
have is only luke-warm drinks.

(Yeah, you guessed it, that
stuff above was improvised,
and maybe also heard somewhere
else, at least in-part.)


Quite an intense image the
artist has sketched:

That sketch of his must thus
be very..
'draw-matic', indeed.


Man and little kid talking:

Man: "When will you learn
to tell time?"

Kid: "Only time will tell."

Man: "When you can finally
tell time, then, hey, tell
it to stop making me so old!"

Kid: "Want to stop time?
Then get a stop-watch."

Man: "That was the problem
with my last watch. Stopping."

Kid: "Seems like it was too
old. Maybe it should have
stopped more and for longer
periods so as to not have
such a problem with stopping."

(Voice from above interjects
here: "And the too-old man has
a problem not with stopping,
but with going."..)

Man: "Hey, I am telling!..
time on you, little boy..
because you are being too

(And that kid's name was..
I. Ron Nick.
Cue theremin:..
{"Hey, who am.. I? Ronny!"
he would always say.})


Sorry, I guess there was a
bit more in this post than
I thought there would be.


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kikinotdee said...

I like this art Leroy it's very sixties psychedelic. Migraine does have an E at the end, but then I am blond! or am I blonde? :)