Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Aspects Of Absence

The Aspects Of Absence
.. Of Aspects..

Blog-post # 359:
(359 = a prime, it seems.)

Eight new art-images today
of my..


Pseudo-Theoretical Hallucinations Of Blindness

Matter Wrongly Made From Calculus And Atoms

Sciences Definitively Dreamt,
Inconclusively Confused

Meta-spective Nonlinearity

Sequential Sums Of Incommensurable Non-Sequences

Non-Systematically Algorithmic Synesthesia

Shape Of All Geometry Holistically Regarded

(First, so sorry about the too
long discussion under my last
post's images about technical
image-quality issues.)

Possible neologies from
today's images' titles:

"Soliphrenia" (from 1st image):
n. The mental state of having
one's thoughts be totally one's
own. Purest freedom of the mind.

(from 5th image):
adj. Relating to
transcendental inner-sight
where one 'sees' the very
concept of seeing, as one
also sees all and all
that is beyond all.

Some of the other words are
a bit quasi-neologistic, but
I do not feel like writing
about them today.
(And then there are some
rarer words in the titles
I did not at all invent.)


(Only four.)

Solipsism is the
lone fact imagined;...
as something I do
misplace in itself.


The electron infinitely
winds (as this) into me.
Its inflections then
end with some linearity.


Those low agnostic
alarms yell it there.
Yet algorithms can
otherwise also tell.


Oddness' calamity nearly
bisected similarity.
As asymmetry does bend
inside all criticality.


My anxiety regarding All's
possible nonexistence is
only some...

'Zeroth-World Problem'..

(Although I should not..
trivialize.. this anxiety
of mine.)

[And take that!
You f*ckin' meme!
(Whether or not it
even exists, or even
if the First-World
itself exists or not.)]

(And that^ was as good
as this post gets.
Only even worse stupidness

Most weird crazy people
are actually more so
.. 'ego-eccentric'
than egocentric.


An annoying standup comedian
might quip:

"I am so against sexism. Yeah, I
definitely think that there are
lots of women who could be just
as good car-mechanics as even
the best male car-mechanics are.
And why not?
Hey, it ain't like car-mechanics
necessarily have to parallel-park
those cars they work on,
or anything like that!"


That Cartesian-plane may be
'edgy', yes, but it is still
more 'griddy' than gritty.


Platonic friendships:
more trusting
than thrusting.

I guess platonic friendships
could be described as being
of .. 'heterogender' or
'homogender' orientation?


Old man rants:

"Those American doctors!
Since you have to often wait
hours and hours in their
waiting-rooms after the time
your appointment is scheduled
for before you actually begin
your appointment, it's a GOOD
thing, then, I guess, that the
doctor only sees you in-person
for five or ten minutes, tops,
during that appointment.
Because we patients* probably
don't have ALL day before we
can finally LEAVE our doctor
appointments! We have to get
home sometime, you know."

*(Despite our patience,

(And time for THIS appointment
you have had with the absurd
to finish up for today...)




kikinotdee said...

I like theses ones Leroy, I did the ooo thing. I can parallel park I just choose not to, I swear i didn't lose that other car, it is perfectly parallel parked in that parallel universe, maybe!

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

I guess I am "glad" you have that stereotype in the UK too, Kiki, so you could get my joke.
I personally don't believe in that stereotype -- as every woman who has ever driven me somewhere has parallel-parked just fine... (even if it has taken some effort..)

Maybe to some people, the "Women can't parallel-park" stereotype might sound dirty, like it has to do with the missionary-position, or something. Har har.

In either case, with the stereotype taken literally or with the double entendre, I wonder now about the philosophical possibility that maybe it isn't the woman's fault she can't parallel-park. Because maybe the parking-place (or her guy..) is instead what is not lining up properly for her.
Frame-of-reference/ relativity, and all that.
(And an 'E = m c^2' thrown-in just for good measure.)
Yes, so if we are traveling at near the speed of light, distances contract (or is it, they expand?), and parallel lines converge.
So women are just SUCH good drivers, you see, they are parking at near the speed of light. Hence, they have their alleged problems with parallel-parking, ironically.

kikinotdee said...

If we ever do manage to travel faster than the speed of light, how will we see where we are going?