Friday, January 25, 2013

Materialism's Meta-Realisms Of Plexiform Sinewaves

Surpass the surrealistic,
and more so the materialistic,
unto.. the meta-realistic..

Blog-post # 360:
(360 = 2*2*2*3*3*5.)
I did have an idea for a
joke or comment about the
number 360, since this is
post # 360.
But I cannot now recall what
it was. But this will do...

360 degrees?...
Is that the temperature someone
should cook pi in the oven at?..

Eight new pieces of my

Plexiform Sinewaves (Aperiodically Paradoxical)

Discontinuously Disconnected From Discontinuity

Concepts Abstractly Countering Their Abstractions

Yet Of My own Science Regarding Myself

Simultaneous Temporariness Of Quasi-Precession

The Many Multidirectionalities Of Clockwiseness

Without Emptinesslessness

Maxima And Minima Mutually Misaligned

(I don't feel like discussing
neologies today. You will just
have to try to understand them


But at least two
of them may likely
have been posted
here before.)

My exponential irises
saw forever, I had seen.
And so, in their eyes
are plexiform sine-waves.


Dreamy falseness:
Dares my sane self.


Morons shape us.


is flesh.

[I may have posted this
one before.]

All these odd zigzags
so rotate their shadows
within you.
They will do this
as we had or
as zero does
(thus gazing to it).


Labyrinths trust
a game's lie.
All its nightmares
betray us.


A liar yet made his loss,
or vice-versa;
.. as victories' every
realism had also.


Liars are asking us...
of the many pleasures.
A false ruse is surreal
myth again spoken.


Real things.


Acting so.


Rare agnosticism:
Missing a creator.


Minds are...
in dreams.

[I may have posted this
one before.]

Anorexics yet slay dreams.
But you also then solely
had, however.
They always over-exercised
absolutely more so than
any should.


This science was again
It is what is; as is an
equiangular coincidence.


[Note: I posted an 'important'
message about my last blog-
post's parallel-parking joke
as a comment to that post.]

Now back to our regularly-
scheduled program...


Puns are just another form of
anagrams, in a way;
or vice-versa.

And anagrams are like
math-equations, and
math-equations are like poetry,
and poetry is like music,
and music is like visual art,
and visual art is like science,
and science is like philosophy;
and philosophy is like All.

And All is simply a simile...
like puns are.

And All is all simply
(as it is like, like..)
pretentious fakery.
(Like politics is.)

[I like all this stuff^;
So, then, is it like me?]


Is this a good blog-post?

Well, it all... de-puns..
on whether it is or not.

(So,.. no..)

A ship that has cruises to
the centers of hurricanes
would be an...

Oh, and that eye-liner
surely gets smudged by
those hurricanes, too.

(^This pun is in honor of the
second image above,
"Discontinuously Disconnected
From Discontinuity".)


Which tour-bus line always
takes too long?

The D-tour-bus, of course.


What we have here with our
lack of order is surely some

... randomonium!

(I've heard of
random mutations.
But random permutations!?
Or is it 'permposterous'?)

What is the atomic weight of
the element randomonium?
Whatever it is, it is; and
is all else whenever else.

Are its atomic weights then
pseudo-random numbers?
Oh, maybe more so they are
random pseudo-numbers.

Like our world, it is
But do-not-do
those 'to-dot-to's!

(And all coloring books,
yes, they color you.)


Which element taken as a
supplement helps one get

Gymnasium, that would be.

(What is the atomic weight of
Probably not necessarily that
much, actually; but it does
lift its own atomic weight
for many many reps.)
("Drop and give me
Avogadro's number!" --
{so, where did I hear this
line before?})


I bet butter makes
your butt better.

(^This is not as much of a
tongue-twister as I would
have thought. But...
Maybe only because there
is no need to literally
twist your tongue when
eating butter, perhaps?

So, should we call it a...
'tongue-churner' instead?
Ah, alas,..
what a churn-of-phrase...)

(One more health-related pun:)

What kind of workouts do
they do in the Middle East?


the Aerobic language
is considered by many
to be the most breathy
of languages.)
(Okay, one more health one.)

My witch-doctor just gave me
my annual... meta-physical...

[I do believe I have posted
this one before. Last year
around this time?..]
[Now, for something much
less healthy.]

The guy who has never had sex
before finally going out and
spending big on some hooker
is a...

splurgin' virgin..

(And he'll finally be gettin'
what he's long been urgin'..)


What kind of woman can be both
out of her clothes and in them
simultaneously (for money)?

A Mobius-stripper, of course.

[This joke seems to me like I
have posted it before.]

Uploading.. uh, certain types
of pictures of yourself
to the internet is surely..

full-frontal foolishness.

(Yes, you're upfront
about your foolishness.)


If there is only one possible
answer that could have been
given to a question, is that
answer then thus...
'perhap' true?


Angry people's eyes have
.. IRE-ises..


The god of asteroids is...

.. the Creator of this crater.


It depends,...
but being without any
dependents may mean
you have the..
free-will to be will-free.

[But ask a lawyer first..
I'm sure he won't mind
that much you asking him..]

Women working at
the post-office:

Those females charge mail-fees.


Okay, now the fun is done.

Is there some abstract/logical
analog* to the Mobius-strip
(or Klein bottle) that
contradicts itself on its
own other "side"?

A meta-contranym/
Ironically ironic in the
ironically ironic sense?

*(Beside politics, of course,
... or religion,.. or besides
anything else at all either,
for that matter...
or for that anti-matter.)

(Well, politics is surely
not 'logical'.**)


** And this reminds me that
I have invented a far more
politically-correct term
to substitute for the much
used insult these days,


As in,
"Those stupid assholes are
being so damn retrological!"

Surely, there IS INDEED VERY
much infinite stupidity,
nonsense, absurdity, and
foolish asininity proudly
displayed by certain people
in today's world (and many
of these same idiots happen
to be in positions of power/
authority within government
and/or the media). But these
stupid jerks surely all
possess far less quality of
character and far less
human-worth than almost all
of those people who,
medically, are described
(in the literal sense) as
having mental-disabilities.

So, don't be
Use the term

(It's my 'special' word..
{Uh, oh.. Oh no..
Here we go..})


Hey, fight the Man, man!
("Wait, fight ME?")



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