Monday, March 31, 2014

Loco Loci And Their Foci

Blog-post # 424:
(424 = 2*2*2*53.)

Only a relatively few
sketchy-scans today.

As Also Nonlinearities Are
Aligned Along Their Parallelisms

Essences And Non-essences
Else Of Existence

Otherwise As Un-likewise,
If Likewise As Counter-otherwise

Sorry, not as many anagrams
and puns today as usually.
Some other types of stuff,
however, are prevalent.]


Annihilation has
its symmetries.
In this analysis
is more than time.


A hallucination was
this or these.
Such annihilates
what is too real.


Zero equals such a
nonzeroness, despite
what it is.
Questions are
as this was:
Their puzzles
once done.


Any voids are
a zero's self.
Forever is
analyzed as so.


Cusps' diagonals:
Spun as a cog slid.


April Fools:
Slop of liar.
(Or of a spill.)
Liar flop so.
(Or also flip.)


The bottom anagram is in
honor of April Fools Day,
which is TODAY.

Ha ha ha!

APRIL FOOLS! April Fools
Day is ACTUALLY tomorrow!

(This is an old joke I am
sure I heard somewhere
else. And almost no one
will read this blog-post
on the day it was posted,
Mar 31, anyway. Hell,
Almost no one will even
read this post at all..)

Regarding anagrams:

I used to like mathematics
much more so than I do now.
So maybe that is why I have
become interested in making
anagrams. They, in a way,
combine my interest in
poetry with the remains of
my interest in math.

As anagrams are,
poetry equations.


The words "aurally" and
"orally" might mistakenly
be confused if either of
these two words is not..
heard.. as it was.. said.


The word 'neven' (on the
pattern of 'never' formed
from 'not ever'), had it
existed, would have surely
existed quite.. oddly.. so.


You know what type of disease
you catch from the employees
at the hospital where you are
being treated?


(This joke^ seems very
unoriginal. Maybe I posted
it here before, or maybe
I read it somewhere else,
or both. I think both.)

Maybe many (most?) people who
refuse to buy at the store
any produce with spots on it
actually are not bothered by
the spots per-se as much as
they are by the increased
likelihood that many other
people before them have
(also) looked at AND HANDLED
that same piece of produce
before returning it to the
shelf (because of the spot,
.. and also because of the
previous handlers returning
it, in-turn because of the
spot.. and the even earlier

"Hey, you are really sick,
Jonnie. Here, let me wipe
your runny nose for you...
Oh, this tomato looks nice.
Wait. Ewww, it has a spot.
{Puts it back.}
Good thing I saw that
spot before I bought this
tomato! That spot {or the
germs from all the people
touching this tomato before
I did} could have made me
and my family REALLY SICK!"


Speaking of

I prefer to eat junk food.
But sometimes when I spend
too much, I buy something
a little more fancy.

("Hmm.. These fried gourmet
thingies look tasty."..)

But buying such fancy
foods often goes awry.
See, only after getting the
gourmet deep-fried thingies
home do I too often first
notice the cooking-
instructions, which are
frequently overly lengthy
and complex.
And they necessitate the
use of exotic cookware
and cooking-utensils,
and special types of ovens,
and maybe additional
ingredients;.. none of
these things I possess or
have the motivation to use
(let alone, in the case of
the utensils and cookware,
have the motivation to
clean later), even if I
had miraculously possessed
them all somehow.

The instructions often
go something like this:..

"Do not microwave!

First, place the [thingies]
in large bowl with a quart
of saffron-infused merlot,
cover with an inverted
ceramic plate, and place
in refrigerator to marinate
for 10 and a half hours.

Then, transfer to a copper
jorum and hand-coat in a
batter of 3 egg-whites
{properly separated}, a cup
of organic unbleached wheat
flour, and 3 tablespoons of
melted unsalted butter.

Next, transfer to casserole
dish, cover with aluminum
foil, and place on the
middle rack of a preheated
443 degree F conventional
oven to roast for exactly
one hours 12 minutes.
(High-altitude instruction:
Add an additional 5 and a
half minutes at altitudes
over 5000 feet.)
While roasting, rotate the
casserole dish at an angle
of 105 degrees each

Then lower the oven's
temperature to 310 degrees,
and roast for another
hour and 5 minutes.
Continue to rotate the
casserole dish by a 105
degree angle each half

Next, remove the [thingies]
and deep-fry in 3 quarts
of boiling yak-butter.
Cook thoroughly!
(Make certain that the
internal temperature of
each [thingy] reaches at
least 265 degrees F!)

Finally, drain and transfer
all [thingies] to a large
chilled plate to cool for
35-42 minutes.
Then enjoy!"

Thus me: "Uhh... Maybe I'll
just microwave them."..


Excerpt from my last post:

There seems to be
perhaps a bigots-decry-the
version of Russell's
Paradox. I might write more
about that in my next post,

Does this work?..

Consider all bigots who are
prejudiced against anyone
who is tolerant of everyone
but the bigots themselves.
Are these bigots then
bigoted against themselves?

No, that don't work..

More seriously, the
following is an
actual analog to
Russell's Paradox,
or somewhat is so:

('Group' and 'groups'
below refer to groups
of people and to
groups of groups of..
.. groups of people.)

Consider the 'Group'
whose members all are
tolerant of, but only
of, any groups which
are each tolerant of
every group BUT their
Is the Group tolerated
by its own members?

(Do stereotypical
liberals form such
a Group? .. as they
may be less bigoted
against any other
groups which are made
up of self-loathers?)

I may have gotten this
paradox wrong --
and I can no think
good anymore.

I set out to try to
show how ILLOGICAL
the bigots' arguments
for the bigot-haters'
hypocrisy are.

But if this is a true
analog to Russell's
Paradox, or at least
is indeed a paradox,
then maybe this shows,
by implication, instead
just how ILLOGICAL the
existence of the group
of stereotypical
self-loathing liberals
Because if this group
existed, then this would
have lead to a WaCkO
CrAzY logic-paradox,
and the universe would
have collapsed long ago.
Since it is still here,
then, therefore, it can
be shown that the
bigots' accusations of
hypocrisy against the
bigot-haters are faulty,
.. but only because
sense at all..
(or something).

But, as I say,
I no think good now.


(Alluding to the
first anagram today.)

The scientific study of


[Warning: Following 3 items
have political and economic
subject matter.]

They say that E = M C^2.

They also say that,
"Money is the root of all evil".

So, let Evil = E, and Money = M,
and Corruption = C.

(And corruption is analogous to
the velocity of light, because
nothing spreads faster in this
universe than corruption.)

First we see, as it is too with
the relationship between Energy
and Mass, it is evident that
the magnitudes of Evil and Money
are proportional to each other.

And furthermore,
E/M = C^2.
Or,.. in other words,..

Corruption is the (square)root
of all Evil-divided-by-Money.

(Fun with math and science!)


It seems the ONLY good news
these days is when bad things
happen to bad people, as they
SOMETIMES do... (sometimes).

That is why I now days enjoy
reading the business section
of the news, despite my
personal distaste for money.

It cheers me to read how
THOSE people (who have so
often ruined the lives of
other people via their
power and greed) are
sometimes suffering, too.
Albeit the super-rich's
suffering, whenever it
has happened, is in much
different ways and is to
much lesser magnitudes than
is the suffering of their
economic victims.


Modern-day Miranda Warning:

"You have the right -- ha ha
-- to remain TOTALLY silent.
If you, however, choose to
(or must) give up that right,
ANYTHING you (or anyone you
know, or anyone they know,
or anyone THEY know)
have ever said, written,
done -- whether online, on
the telephone, or in private;
anything, anywhere, at any
time -- can and WILL be used
against you; although not
necessarily in any
courts-of-law, because
terrorist-hippy scum such
as yourself (and/or such as
anyone you have ever, in any
way, communicated with, or
anyone who has ever
communicated with anyone who
has ever communicated with
anyone who has ever
communicated with any
terrorist-hippy scum such
as yourself) do not have the
right at all to face even
a judge, let alone a jury,
before it is determined
(perhaps solely via the
government's A.I.-enhanced
Bayesian-statistical analysis)
that you are a threat who must
be 'disappeared' permanently."

See, you have a choice;
.. a 'Freedom-Choice',
you could even say:

You can now totally avoid
communicating with everyone
you know.. the EASY way;
you WILL soon totally avoid
communicating with everyone
you know.. the HARD way..)

[.. And, please, sir,..
turn to the side and cough.*]

*("Cough? But, but.. I have
a RIGHT to remain silent!"
Doctor: "I take that to mean
you are definitely guilty.
Only a terr'rist would refuse
to allow a doctor to check
for his potential hernia!")


TV in other universes:

(1) There is only a
black-and-white signal
which is transmitted.
But each TV uses its
own highly advanced AI
to automatically color
in the images
(and maybe also to make
them appear 3D, in some
of these universes).

(2) TV signals are analog.
When a TV is tuned slightly
off a bit from the correct
frequency, the image gets
blurry (instead of getting
static-y, as had happened
in our universe back when
our TV signals were analog).

When the TVs are tuned too
far off from the correct
frequency and the images
reach a level of infinite
blurriness (at the optical
infinity, man..),
then that is called:
"Below Zero-Focus".

("Below Zero-Focus"
seems maybe like a good
or sci-fi novel name.)


Hey, that WaCkY Non-Euclidean
geometry sure has some really

loco loci!...



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