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(Spinning so,
through the singularity
of the nucleus of the
nexus of the

Blog-post # 425:
(425 = 5*17*5.)

Six new inanimations.
I have now "scanned" them with
a real hand-held digital camera
instead of with the web-cam.
This newer method is not at all
perfect, but the result is still
much better than before, at least
with some images.

Oscillations Of Endlessness

Nonexistence Of Both
Periodicity And Aperiodicity

One's Quotient Of One
Dividing One,
With Remainder One


Confusion Dividing, Divided
By, Or Divined In Complexity

Axiomatically Or/And
Oxymoronically Of

The 4th image's name
does indeed combine
"Nexus" and "Nucleus".

And "Asynesthesia",
from the last image's
name, means:
'The condition of being
without synesthesia'.

(19, nineteen.)

All is the apex;
As all is what is formed.
Made was this:
A helix of its parallels.

- -

(Those pyramids:
Myths do praise.)

- -

([Those cones:
Stone's echo;
Echo's tones.])


The endless stillness
again remains
as aperiodic.
Plaid's cosines
are in its mesh and
else are lasting.

- -

(All angles were of this
that is an aperiodic end.
Their loci are often as
lengthwise and as plaid.)

- -

([Shapes were
as is this length:
An integer.
Its graphs are seen
within these angles.])


([{This is entwined.
In it, it hews ends.}])


Inflections are found
inside the weirdness.
Their cosines were of
finitudes, ends, and nil.

- -

(This void outlasts
any emptiness.
Yet vast and motionless
thus is pi.)


Geometry multiplies
as sines.
Ellipses are yet
summing it so.


Those quantities are
As they were so.
Theses equal proofs;
Yet their axiom
was entire.



[^I probably
have posted this
anagram before.]

An echo is heard inside
all its ends.
Noises are still as
each hidden din.



[^i.e. A black-hole,
if you did not get that.]
- -

(Any universes existed.
Every nexus instead is.)

- -

({Eclipses' multiples
are of this nexus.
The plexiform nucleus
is as its sleep.})


As formed...
of dreams...

[^I must have posted
this anagram before.]
- -

{These do swirl.
Theirs slowed.}


{(Light as seen
stains this.
The glassiness
is in that.)}


'Music of foci sum.'


Where is an apex?

At the point of..



(Serious aside:
The "light-cones" of relativity
somewhat resemble hourglasses;
and time is regarding both.
The past flows to the future;
through the nexus of 'Now' --
through.. the 'Now-xus'.)

(See last item today for
further discussion related
to hourglasses; and another
image, as related to this.)

Where do zombie
musicians perform
before an audience?

At their..

unlive concerts..


Understanding no feelings
of others, but because all
others do not exist, is:..



That TV offer is substantial;
.. as substance also is..

a.. void where prohibited.


Why did the immigrant to
the US from many decades
ago believe that Americans
always equate capital i
with lower-case L?
(In other words
{In other letters?},
I = l.)

Because he heard that
he was sailing to...
'L-is-I Land'..

(And, after all,
Americans keep saying,
"We are number l!"
Or is it,
"We are number I!"?)


They say that eating chocolate
gives you the same feeling as
you get from being in love..

Yeah, right..
They must mean that terrifying
feeling of worry, common to
both eating chocolate and
falling in love,..
about how you might soon
gain way too much weight?

Although seriously -- weighty
issues aside;.. chocolate
does not give ME any feeling
of being utterly depressed.

I guess this is YET ANOTHER
example of pop-psychology
(or regular old psychology)
"facts" being untrue, maybe
even the opposite of the

Another case of...



When in the far future will
first be found the fossilized
remains of an anthropologist
who was killed in the act of
digging up an older fossil?

[^This seems like it might
already have been a sight-gag
from the show Futurama.]

(And maybe the fossilized
human anthropologist will
be found digging up the
fossilized remains of
an earlier {"less evolved"}
hominoid anthropologist,
who was in-turn digging up
an even earlier {and even
more hunched over} hominoid
anthropologist's remains;
... with the remains of
some early land-animal
anthropologist digging up
the fossilized remains of
a sea-creature at the end
of this succession.)


Prying about privacy:..

"What's your company's
privacy policy?"

"Sorry, it's private.
(But what it says,
since you must pry, is,
whisper-whisper, that we
can look at your privates
at any time.. in OUR OWN


Suggested new food-like
fast-food product:

Fried BBQ Chicken Ribs.

(Pigs don't got wings,
but chickens do got ribs.


Perhaps some health-problems
of aging -- especially eyesight
problems and memory-loss --
and the entropic tendency of
the universe in-general towards
disorder, are a consequence of
the simulation of this universe
being run on a computer (likely
so in a more metaphorical
sense) with only finite (albeit
massive) memory capacity.
Possibly, as the universe
(and ourselves) ages, this
simulation requires much
more memory than it did
previously, as the complexity
(and computer-memory
requirements) of the total
universe and its total
history is always continuing
to increase. So the computer,
as a means to save its memory
space, continues to reduce
the amount of order generated
in its simulations -- because
order equals information; and
so the randomness and the
blurriness (maybe even the
uncertainty of quantum-
physics) must increase to
allow for more efficient
simulation-processing as
time (itself simulated,
in a way) progresses forward.


The essence of all is of:..


[^This is a very old image of
mine, made about nine years
ago. I do not recall if I have
already posted this image or
not. But it seems appropriate
to post it, since I am talking
about time and the past here.
And a bit of color imagery in
my blog would be good to have

I always wondered too that if
something can move "clockwise",
then why also could not
something move "hourglasswise"?

(Maybe this word means flipping
something upside-down, or it
means falling or descending
like the sand within?
Or maybe it means being very
old-fashioned, so then,
backwards through time;
and in that sense, it means..

(And I think I once read that
clocks spin the way they do
because that is the way the
shadows spin on sundials in
the northern hemisphere?
So the concept of the
direction of "sundialwise"
already exists; but I guess
it has simply been renamed..)



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