Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Amorphous Glyphs

Glyphs More Amorphous:

[Heretical hieroglyphs:
Too surreal to be seen
{and thus, they are
envisioned by us}.
Too surreal to be read
{and thus, they are
engraved into us}.
Too surreal to be real
{and thus, they are
entangled within us}.
Too surreal to be known
{and thus, they must
have enlighted us}.]

Post # 428:
(428 = 2*107*2.)

Eight new inanimations:

As Clockwise As
As Rotation
Unequal To Rotation

Circumferenceless Circularity

Surrealistic Axioms

Eclipses Of Moons Each
Both Crescent And Gibbous

Hexa-Dimensional Hemispheres

The Trigonometric Glassiness
Of Particulate Translucence

Likewise As Knots
Of Knot-lessness

Counterintuitively Clockwise
Around Roundness'
Counterclockwise Intuition

[The bottom image,
"Counterintuitively Clockwise
Around Roundness' Counterclockwise
Intuition", is yet another image
of mine which may have been
unintentionally inspired by
Lorenz Attractors;.. I am
quite attracted to these
Lorenz attractors indeed,
it seems.]

[Oh, and I also seem to like to
often use the words "clockwise"
and "counterclockwise" as part
of my images' names.]
(13 -- Ah, the luck of the irony.]

Weakest folds
have really torn.
Those knots are
all very flawed.


These berserk shapes
do rotate in atoms.
The spheres are to be
as knotted or amiss.


Darkness' atoms:
As dreams' knots.


Those gibbous and crescent
moons are in this.
Night is creation;
roundness becomes as both.


Our every lunar answer
is as some.
Any universe was
more so surreal.


In this negation,
One anti-thing is.


As nil, those nils'
symmetries are round.
All randomness is
mysterious therein.


Ranting morons:
Ignorant norms.


White-supremacists do
murder, as does this rot.
Their hate's sadisms
corrupted true wisdom so.


A sword..
was rod.


Error-code cast:
Or as corrected.


Sphericalness is
an absurdity.
Labyrinths inside
are as cusps.


A semicircle spins there
as into those.
Its hemispherical cones
are its tones.


'Ode: We kill like we do.'


Another term for your proper
first-name (ie. your so-called




Suggested band-name:



An art-desecrating graffiti
"artist" uses the underlying
preexisting artwork to..
draw-upon.. for inspiration.


You hear about* the anchorman
who became an artist to create
bronze sculptures of the human

Yeah, he went from being a
to being a.. nudes-caster!..

*(Literally, did you hear or
read about this before?
This joke seems vaguely
familiar; maybe I posted it
[paraphrased] to this blog
already, maybe long ago.)
[Speaking of topics I may
have already posted long ago..]

If one can brush one's teeth,
then why cannot one comb one's
teeth also?

That must be what they use the
proverbial "fine-tooth combs"
for, then?
To comb one's fine teeth?..

[Seriously, maybe 'tooth combing'
is essentially flossing, perhaps.]


So are "general-interest magazines"
then all about military hardware
and military patriotic rah-rah and
strategy and stuff that would
interest generals?...

Yes, yes they are.

[Very high likelihood I already
read or heard some variation of
this joke somewhere before.
Yes, as in-fact I surely know,
I quite indeed did.]
[Warning: Next 4 items are
political in nature.
Many may find offensive.]

Suggested sound-bite for a Texan
congressional candidate who
promises to be a budget-balancer
in Washington:

"Them fellers in DC sure like
to keep kickin' the can.
Well, I'm here, I tell ya',
to kick the bull-crap."


I was wondering about
this the other day:..

Milk products sold in the US from
cows not given certain hormones
are required to have that one
government-approved message
{ie. warning} on their labels
which reads something like,
paraphrasing, "The milk from cows
raised without [letters] growth-
hormone is not significantly
different from milk coming from
non-hormone-free cows."

But meanwhile,..

Any old cheeses or whatever milk
products at all can have the word
"Natural" prominently displayed on
that milk-product's packaging,
even though the word "Natural"
means not one damn thing at all,

Some major lobbying from the
less-than-hormone-free milk-product
industry has been afoot (or ahoof),


Speaking of lobbyists...

I now realize that lobbyists
themselves also need a lobby
organization -- as lobbyists are
now days getting a bad rap in
regards to public-opinion and
due to the possibility that
lobbyists' power over our
government may be curtailed
soon somewhat {HA! HA!} due to
that negative public-opinion
(but not really).

Or, seriously, do
already exist
(and are officially regarded
by these organizations
themselves as being established
exactly for that one purpose)?

The American League of Lobbyists,
or.. "ALL".

(The absolutely least necessary
lobbying organization in history.
Doesn't, uh,.. money.. lobby for
all lobbyists,.. and do so quite
well, even?)



I likely have posted already
a long while ago about the
suggested new term for
"homophobe': "Hate-rosexual".

I may have stated then too
that the word "homophobe"
just does not sound quite
evil enough, and it does not
seem to convey the bigotry
that may be inflicted by
homophobes (which may include
anything from simply being
somewhat personally disturbed
by homosexuality, to carrying
out personal acts of
discrimination, to outright
political policy-making and
official discrimination, to
physically violent attacks
against gays, to genocidal
mass-executions of
homosexuals as part of
some governments' official
domestic and/or foreign

So, I would go further, in
many cases at least, than
simply calling homophobes
the almost humorous-sounding
"hate-rosexuals", let alone
continuing to simply refer
to them as "homophobes"
(which often is really
giving them too much benefit
of the doubt about the harm
thay can each do). Maybe our
society should perhaps call
them instead something like
This would create a deserved
mental-association with
another type of bigots, the
racist White-Supremacists.
And maybe the threat posed
by the anti-gay bigots
to society in-general,
not just to the gays,
would therefore be taken
more seriously then?

Unfortunately, from a
marketing stand-point,
is much too long and
unwieldy a term, with far
too many syllables.

But "Straight-Supremacists"
sounds almost goofy.

might be what would work
best from a getting-popular
stand-point, especially
given its syllable-count;
but from the literal
stand-point, it is not
a good enough term, because
"Hetero" regarding what
(Although, "hetero" is
indeed a slang term for
heterosexual, so this is
probably the best term
we can hope for now days.)


Regarding the Earth's mantle and
a fireplace's mantle (mantel):

Both types of mantle
are so very hot.
But one type is
even more so,
while the other..
mostly is not.


Yet unknown to us, the
ultimate enlightenment
will be our...



Update: Regarding my question in
the last post where I ask,
[Is colorblindness (the type
where the colors are seen
but are transposed) a form
of synesthesia, in a way,
but taking place within
only one sense?

I realize now that if every
color is "transposed" with
one other, as compared with
the average way colors are
perceived by most people,
then the person with this
types of color-blindness,
if it even is a type of
color-blindness, may not
even know anything was
amiss -- and maybe
nothing would be amiss,
in fact.
How do we each know that
the colors we think we
see are seen in the same
ways that others see them?
[And this question is not
only in regards to colors.]

For all I know, no one
else on Earth even
perceives colors at all,
or even has any conscious
awareness of any perception
or thoughts they think
or any feelings they feel**.

They may only FEEL that
they personally have any
feelings, or may only THINK
they have any thoughts, for
all THEY know (that they know).

It is like that philosophical
question, maybe, I posted
here a few months ago.
What if someone dreams they
have received a secret prize
in an unopened box.
Before they dream that they
have opened the box -- and
especially if they wake before
opening it -- what is the
significance, if any, of
what is "really" in the box?

As for Schrodinger's Cat,
in-actuality, the cat itself
does not even exist;...
but neither does the box,
.. nor does the Geiger-counter
or radioactive substance,..
nor does the poison,.. nor
does even Erwin Schrodinger
himself,... nor even, in any
likelihood,.. do you.***]

***(Maybe this alone explains
the low numbers of readers
my blog has.)


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