Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Blog-post # 427:
(427 = 7*61.)

Eight new inanimations,
again crappily "scanned":
(My images cannot
be well scanned;
ie. they scannot be.)

Paradox Bifurcated
Into Its Trifurcation,
Unto Quadfurcation,
Or Furthermore

As Space-Time's Blurs
Formed From Emptiness

Unfactorable Refractions Of Truth
Into Truth's Hues Each Unknown

Among The Many
Integer Divisors
Of Any Non-Integer

Non-Annular Sphericalness
Of Ring-like Cones

The Top-Heavy Finitude Of All

Transiting Through The Transposition
Of Transparentness, And Conversely

Light Versus Its Own

Anagrams --
Of ten again,
but not
often a gain.]

A paradox-lessness
as mathematical:
Space's axioms are
all made sans that.


This obliteration
thus was this.
It abolishes its
own truth it has.


Angst sees nihilism.
This is meaningless.


Strange was id;
As weird angst.


All this hate:
That is a Hell.

[^Did I do this
anagram already?
Humanity surely
has, however,
again, again,
and yet again.]

It is as you,
plus as entropic.


The eclipses:
These splice.


As circular:
Arc is a curl.


The circular mystery
as meaningless:
Any aligns. Symmetric
curls are these.


Rotation is turning as
does that weird symmetry.
The mysterious and yet
random ring was to stir it.


The clowns in the circus
were bound to have irked us;
with their psychedelic frowns
and their siren-y sounds
(Honk! Honk!); such clowns
and their frowns and sounds
are all surreally profound
but are surely BeRsErKus.


That student's report-card
marks have worsened to now
be below average.

Yes, the quality of that
student's schoolwork
has become..



Thinking it is secure
to be encoding a message
by simply spelling it
backwards would be quite


on your part..

[And elsewhere regarding

An enlightened liberal says:

"I'm not prejudiced
against the Muslims.
Hey, some of my best
are Muslims, even!"..


Beware the toxin,
for it could..




Being nearsighted:

Having.. 'blurndness'..

[It's okay. I'm one of them.]


Is colorblindness (the type
where the colors are seen
but are transposed) a form
of synesthesia, in a way,
but taking place within
only one sense?

Is there such a condition
as color-nearsightedness,
where colors are seen
correctly up close, but
farther away they are not?
(I myself may have this
condition a bit; I suppose
that the cones of the eye
need at least a little
sharply focused light
from the gazed-upon object
to correctly assess the
color of that object.)

And is there a condition
where the eye perceives the
hues correctly, but the
luminance values of what is
looked upon are all wrong,
either being transposed or
being all constant or being
wrong in some other way
(much more wrongly seen
than those luminance values
would be seen normally by
most people)?


Perhaps (BS!..), if there
are no examples of infinite
magnitudes of anything in
the universe, then we thus
have zero infinities. And
thus we have a universe of
each of which is numerically
indeterminate and can equal
any mathematical quantity
at all.

So, every measurement of
every aspect of anything
in this universe is
indeterminate and thus is
uncertain. And therefore,
if every measurement is
finite, quantum-physics
is then true
(or is not true)..

QED... (????)..


Relatively more seriously:

In my last post I mentioned
the infinitely large word
(which was spelled with a
finite number of letters)
with "..lessness.."
repeated ad-infinitum
(if only conceptually
repeated as so).

I suppose that this word
is an interesting concept,
if meaninglessly (or not)
it so is,.. maybe.

Let me see if I can
analyze this concept
more rigorously:..


"Meaninglessness" --
The concept of being
without meaning,
without definition,
and/or without purpose.

-- The concept of being
without meaninglessness;
ie. the concept that
whatever (regarding what
this refers to) has
at least some meaning,
definition, and/or
purpose (but is not
necessarily completely

..lessnesslessness" --
The concept of being
sans meaninglessness-
..lessness; ie. the
concept that whatever
(what thing is being
referred to) has
at least some
meaningless aspects,
or maybe does, but
certainly is not
meaningful in every
way (or maybe it is?),
and it may even be
completely without

..lessness" --
The concept of being
ie. the concept that
whatever (what is
being referred to) is
devoid of having any
possible meaningless
aspects, or maybe
is devoid of having
any uncertainty
regarding which
aspects it has are
meaningless and which
are meaningful, or
maybe, or..?..


(So, meaninglessness
wins, then?..)

I was also considering the
idea of the similar type
of word,
This seems to be maybe
quite a paradox itself, as
it simultaneously is not.
Maybe it is much like the
famous Liar's Paradox, but
applies to the concept
of 'paradox' itself,
rather than to the usually
simpler and relatively
more straightforward
concept of truth-vs-lies.

In any case, if one wants
to be REALLY profound,
maybe they could come up
with such an infinite word
or maybe a self-referential
sentence which not only
flips back and forth at
each iteration between two
opposing truth-values (in
regards to some aspect of
that word's/sentence's
own meaning), but also
at each stage becomes
more and more convoluted
(perhaps with a bifurcation
of truth-value possibilities
at each stage) as it applies
to the concept of the
concept (of the concept of
the concept of..) of that
very logical paradox itself.

[But I myself have other
stuff to do today..]






Therefore, forever is
evermore moreover as
overlapped and as
lopsidedly sideways.



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