Monday, April 14, 2014

Oxiomatic Axymora, Or Conversely

["Oxiomatic axymora" are
all quite as axymoronical
as is any axiom, and are
all quite as oxymoronical
as is any oxiom; or thus
they are all (as is
axiomatically obvious)
quite the converse yet
otherwise.. vice-versa.]

Blog-post # 426:
(426 = 2*71*3.)

(And the factorization of
the last post's number, 425,
is 5*17*5. And since 71 is
17 written backwards, and
5 = 2 + 3, then...
(.. However, today's date
cane be written as
4-14-14, which can be
written as:
And the sum of these
numbers is 14.
So,.. whatever, again!..)

Five new art inanimations:

The Three Multiples Of 3,
Of Multiplicity,
And Of Morphology

Ratioless Radii


Herein The Spherically
Conical Cosmos

Asymmetric Hourglassiness
(Counterbalanced If Clockwise)

I think I already wrote about
the neologism in the second
image's name, "Spherein",
which is 'herein the sphere',
of course. The second of the
neologisms in that title,
"Indeterminominators", is a
portmanteau I talk about
below in this post.

The third image's name
is infinitely long (but is
represented here with many
fewer letters).
Its ending continues with
..'lessness'.. repeated
ad-infinitum, of course.
What does it mean!?..
(Or not mean?..)

(Six is.)

Topology is as the entirety.
Those loops are yet tying it.


is else that process.
Its logistics are solely
atop/at/upon those.


The oxymoron is
affirmed more
so as this.
Irony does form from
these axioms it has.


Space's dense shape
mostly is forgotten.
The strangeness of
a cosmos yet slipped.


Asymmetry is/was
of this/that/any
altered hourglass.
And yet its
light-rays form
sums as what
they also are.


Sand is spun into
shards of light;
Yet fire made those;...
As the finite ends formed
this Dystopian hourglass.


[Aside, regarding
2nd anagram above:

seems like a good new
term for logistics,
or for a strategy,
process, method, or
algorithm to handle
any complex task or
to prearrange the
components of any
complex series
of events.

Or maybe it should
only describe the
"shape" of that
complex series of
events, rather
than the methods
to deal with that
(space-time) shape.

But, either way,
I would expect the
term to soon become
a much over-used
buzz-phrase, often
appearing, say, in
board-meetings and
business reports,
.. if my blog ever
was read by anyone,
that is.]


'I may be by. Am I?'


Are "Scape Goats"..



Why did the heart-attack victim
hate so much those paramedics
who saved his life?

Because they..
're-pulsed' him!

(And also, because of
their 'de-fib-rillator',
he then was forced to
stop his.. lying
{on the ground}.)

Maybe a more so
term for the undead:


(i.e. Post-human-beings?)


What sounds do ..
'spirits'.. make?..


(And this pun also leads
to "Booo!"s, too's.)

[I must have heard this joke
somewhere before... Maybe upon
the stroke of midnight* and
amongst the sound of rattling
heavy chains?..]

*(No, probably not from a
late-night TV comedy bit.)

From my last post,
speaking of late-night TV:

[That TV offer is substantial;
.. as substance also is..
a.. void where prohibited.

"But wait!.. There's less!"..


(This week in math-class:

You students better
study your 'less-ons',..

or you will become..


Irrational real numbers
(ie. those numbers with
the infinitely long
non-repeating decimal
expansions) are like
fractions; but, other
than possessing integer
denominators, they are
instead divided by what?



That monotonically increasing
quantity became just a..
as it went just from being..


Norman was a poor man.
So he then became a doorman.
But in that was his torment,
as in that he was dormant.
And Norman was so dormant
being that doorman
of his torment that thus
he was like a doormat
or even like a floor-mat.
And so he was more than
even he ever so more so
was likewise as that.

the plan he formed
to become a foreman.
Ah, as in his plan
and in his need,
he had so achieved,
and, indeed, he then
became that foreman
for all the doormen.
And as that foreman
of all the doormen,
he was more dominant
than was any doormat
or than any floor-mat
or than any doorman
or dormant poor man
of his former torment.

For, more firmly so
was he no more that
-- as he now was
neither a poor man
nor a former doorman.

And he was no more
of that or than that
which he had formed,
what he was before,
before in this score
evermore in his core:

Forever at his door.



The More-So Moral Moray-Eel,
was more so moral than was
The More-So Moral Moray-Eel.

Or, this Eli more so knew.
And, as you also do
in regards to you, he too
claimed his morality true.

But Morty was moreover
evermore more so moral
than was any other eel
or than was any coral,
as he more so knew
than even do you.

Yet, Eli did proclaim
the very same.
Or more so he agreed
his morality did exceed
his own greedy need
for being more so
moral and more moral
than Morty, than Morty
the so-called More-So
Moral Moray-Eel;..

And conversely,
Morty more so said
that Eli was bad,
and that he, Morty,
was good,
and that these deeds
(of his moral greed)
had done more good
than any more-so
moral moray eel's
deeds even should.

And so went
Eli's and Morty's
oral/aural quarrel
regarding who is
the most so moral.

And then they each
did finally reach
that final breach;
and their morality
became a fatality;
and that mortality
became more than
their hypocrisy.
Or more so did so
Eli else so
and Morty also
so morally lapse;..
as eels do elapse,
if they are ever so
more so moral than
even all morality.

As they are each
more so as they
so are:
Quite more so less
or less than moral.

(Thus, the moral
of this story is
more so of this:
Hence, herein,
it is the story
of this which is
a moral moral.)



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