Sunday, October 2, 2011


Blog post # 232:
(232 = 2*2*2*29.)

More crappy pictures:

Impractical Frustration

Demanding Apathy

Insufficient Extreme

Another Intermittency

They Rest As Weirdness


No anagrams today. No poetry. I have lost any interest in so many hobbies I used to have -- music writing, mathematics, drawing, poetry writing, game inventing, anagram making, and (coming really damn soon) the making of computer art.

As for why I don't post poetry here anymore: I used to, many years ago, write somewhat quality poems, at least on occasion. Somewhat quality poems, anyway. But soon, even before I started this blog, my poetry became more and more cliche, less and less unique between poems. As you must have noticed if you have read any of it I have posted here, I like to reuse words over and over again from poem to poem. Yes, one could argue that this is just my "style", since it is for the most part intentional. But still this habit is annoying, even to myself.

Honestly, none of the poetry I have posted to this blog ever was worth publishing. And lately, recently, my poetry has gotten even worse.

So, forget it. I have no plans to post poetry here again. Maybe I will if I really like a particular poem. But I haven't really liked one of my poems in many years.

And also my computer art has been sucking lately. I regretfully forced myself to post the pictures for today despite my temptation to forego blogging entirely, at least for a while.



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flip said...

Are you ok? You seem increasingly despondent. You can email me if you need to talk.