Thursday, July 31, 2014

Moon-Spots/ Sun-Craters

[Eye of corn/
Ear of the storm.]

Blog post # 438:
(438 = 3*73*2.)

Sorry about the delay..
The longest gap between
any posts must be between
this post and...
my first post, of course
-- just under 4 years and
9 and a half months.
But is the gap between
this post and my last
post -- 13 days -- the
longest gap between
consecutive posts?

[Fashionably late:
"Today on the runway,
our models are wearing
the latest styles in
stylish lateness.
Hey, where are our models?
Oh, I see. They're all
still backstage."..]

Twelve new inanimations.
(There are so many this post
because I was.. doze'n'..
and forgot to post them
until now.)

In An Azimuthal Angle
Equal To Infinity

A Purely Knotted
Nothingness Of An
Abruptest Blurriness

All Plexiform Periodicity
Of Aperiodic Asymmetries

Diagonal Spheres Once
Of Spherical Diagonals


The Most Symmetric
Of Such Solitons

The Solitary Asymmetry
Mostly As Such

Infinity Is Between Some
Integers Exclusively,
Yet Is Never Between Others

Characteristics Entwined
With Categories


Angles Yet Stir

Time As Cast
Onto Then Upon
The Earth-Dial


Does perfect nonexistence
itself.. exist?..

Is perfect impossibility
ever.. possible?..


Where was here?
Where will here be?
Here, all is within
the shadows of
our earth-dial and
inside the sands of
our eternity-glass.
Therein them, therein that
infinite clockwork -- when..
then.. is time now to be?..

(21 -- But I have not
double-checked these.
And by, "I have not
double-checked these",
I mean that I have not
checked to see if I
have checked these.
But, to be safe, if
you like any one of
these anagrams, maybe
you should check the
accuracy of it {it
should have the same
numbers of each
specific letter on
both sides} first
before you use it
in a conversation
or wherever.)

These oscillations
do turn...
.. unto their coils
so slanted.


Of these true theorems:
To thus therefore seem.


The asymmetry
soon is endless.
Yet this mess
only meanders so.


Pi so is yet
essentially a machine.
.. As in any timepiece
solely as this.


Pi's axioms are of
the oscillations.
A coil is as plexiform;
so one is that.


Angles yet stir.
(Angels yet stir.)


Such spin; those are time..
As cut into hemispheres.


Monochromatically tilted
or else as unidirectional:
Circles are multidimensional.
They too do arc into all.


Spheres are as entwined
as in that stirring.
Again, the transparent
weirdness is theirs.


Angles did so arise
in that azimuth.
A sum is adding this
to a real zenith.


This worthlessness is to
be summed into one area.
As those numbers, those
lowest dimensions are it.


Eyes are cast as those
knots entwined behind
this that is.
It was the ascent seen
so inside both the sky
and its earth.


This clearest spiral
was inside this.
It is dense, as is
that spherical swirl.


Roundness was yet
a solid distance.
It so is as densely
counted as drawn.


An odd iris oscillates.
It is so solid and clear.


The hollow glassiness:
Light so seen shows all.


Quite as solid:
A liquid so set.


Soft fluids:
Solid stuff.


Sines mangle.


Zero is the maze's grid,
then is a gap.
Zigzags are made into
this sphere.


Raze so:
As zero.


Which type of government agency
makes sure you xeroscape (by
paving over your grass),..

Your local..
'law'n-for-cement' agency!..


What type of building has the
most structural soundness?

An auditorium!..


Because the students learn about
remedies there, medical-school
is, ironically, literally a..

remedial school.


Where is it best to learn math?

At SUM-mer school, of course!
(.. of math-course.)


If things are too askew to
stay put, they may be too..


[Did I already post {long ago}
how being messily asymmetric
is being.. 'slopsided'?]


The angry person's hand quickly..
the other person's face.


Those who are outpatients at
psychiatric clinics have been..



Ahhh, nothing is as
heartwarming.. as is..

a laser-blast to the chest..


I'm SUCH an unmanly loser..

that this month my girlfriend
is even EARLY..

[^I may have posted
this one already.]

Since, as they say,
"Truth is beauty"*,
supposedly then a
beautiful person
who is too stupid
to know of the truth
must be, therefore,
indeed quite the..


*(But maybe this phase
itself is simply ugly?)

"All-Seeing-Eye Dog"

"Razed By Wolves"



Some voodoo-dolls are more
disturbing than others.
How disturbing they each
are, though, surely...



Voodoo-doll which "screams"
(using talking-doll tech)
whenever you poke it with
a needle.
(Maybe it twitches, too.)

Nice voodoo-doll:
Spritz it with rose-scented
perfume, say, to bless the
person it resembles.


To all those witches and wizards
who.. wish.. to have someone
fall in love with you, but you
dislike the fact that love-spells
are too much a violation of

Maybe then cast a spell on
YOURSELF which simply makes
you magically more attractive
somehow to that person of
your desire by giving yourself
the characteristics that they
would have found attractive
ANYWAY (in accordance with their
own free-will and whether or
not you had cast any spells
at all regarding them).


Food-related observation:

Table-salt, especially, has a
definite unpleasant aftertaste,
particularly to me if I eat too
much of it at once.
However, table-sugar, especially
(as compared to other types of
sugar such as brown sugar,
powdered sugar, let alone
corn-syrup, honey, etcetera),
also seems to me to have that
same definite aftertaste
(if more subtly it does so).

What is that aftertaste, then?

[Warning. Warning:
Rest of today's blog-post
is political in nature.]

A great idea:..

If with some crimes -- such as
crimes involving illegal drugs
(or in some cases, crimes involving
prostitution) -- it is justified in
any way for society to jail those
people whom are essentially the
victims of these crimes (the
drug-users, say) so as to hopefully
lessen the incentives for the
criminals (the drug-dealers, in
the example) to commit their crimes
(via reduced market-demand),...
then.. -- since criminal
bank-executives are just too rich
and powerful for society to dare
punish them in any way for any of
these executives' extreme crimes
-- maybe society should therefore
instead jail these banks'
CUSTOMERS and any other people
(like those homeowners with
mortgages through these banks)
who would allow themselves
(whether unwittingly and/or maybe
even unwillingly**) to be defrauded.

This would be a needed DETERRENT!
Hey, it's a WAR,
a War on Bank-Fraud!

**("Would allow themselves":
Maybe even if only due to those
customers' naivete; and/or maybe
even too due to those customers'
inability to avoid at all doing
business with these banks, if
only because, say, the banks
bought those homeowners'
mortgages without those
homeowners' consent or
But just too bad either way,
because, as I said,
hey, it's a WAR!)

[Speaking of being
political.. in-nature..]

I got to thinking...
what if Ayn Rand herself
was an environmentalist?
[And maybe she WAS..]


"The Environment's inherent vastly
superior worth it itself has earned!
Why do we feel it must share any
amount at all of the resources
inherent in its superior self-worth
with the human PARASITICAL species!?
After all, human-beings have not
themselves worked hard for these
resources! So, they do not deserve
any percentage of them.
Human-beings, being parasites,
simply want to take these resources
in exchange for nothing truly of
value in return!
With this socialistic distribution
of resources from the
resource-creator [the environment]
to resource-consumers [human
parasites], the entire eco-system
as a whole overall, therefore,
in-fact then becomes lessened.
In other words, due to the
foolish attempts by human-beings
to impose an unnatural balance
in resource-possession via the
redistribution of those resources
(those which are in rightful
possession by the environment)
to our undeserving human species
of takers/consumers, the
environment then as a direct
result becomes, ironically,
more so unbalanced."

Or something.


Our Dystopia is where we will..



And,.. finally,...
[^And hopefully not
very literally so..]

Nations often seek to
build their own...

new killer-weapons..

[And these weapons,
ironically, are
meant to kill..
we peons.]


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Note from me, Leroy:
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