Friday, July 18, 2014

A Unit: No Continua

Blog-post # 437:
(437 = 19*23.)

Six new art-inanimations,
one which is (like I used
to create months ago) a
color computer-art image.
(Yeah! This is a one-time
special deal, however.
I will not be able to make
computer-art images that
often again, if ever again,

[And also just like old-times,
I will write the title for
the computer-art inanimation
in simply plain black.]


As Knots Irrelevantly
Regarding Their Tying

Interpolations Of

Continuousness Implies
The Discontinuities Of
Its Own Continuum

As Withever Is Whatin

Of A Helical Hourglass'
Quantal Sands

(12 -- 2*3*2.)

In no focus:


The diagonals
remain in angles.
These random lines
again align.


are these.
Its geometry also
can shape them.


Many are as
this diagonal.
A radian's
analogy is them.


As their parallels:
All are the spirals.


This rotation's pulse:
The loop turns as it is.


Descent is calamity.
It denies cataclysm.


As mess' arc:
Massacres --
As screams.
Mass scare.
(Asses cram...)
(Ass creams.)

[^I think I have already
posted a few of these.]

I saw the
An entirety graphs
what it sees.


Any sight is in its
facts' entire knowing.
Insignificant knots
were tying as this.


Electricity was
atoms' ruse.
As circuits yet
almost were.


All sands align,
rotated inside any
This angle's slant
is diagonally angular,
or it is added.

[^See comment below in
this post about those

'A unit: No continua.'

'Erase many away; names are.'

'Is it so mega-minimum?
In image, most is I.'

'Tied is nil,
a minimal inside it.'




Whenever we are taking the same
dangerous path again, we are
moving so as before along a
course which is its (and our)

Oh,.. that is quite a potential


What type of curve did the
two spheres travel along
when they were tossed?

A.. 'pair-of-ball-ic' arc,
of course!

[Yes, of course, that
was their course,
.. if coarsely so.]


Why do boats only turn around
by 180 degrees whenever they

Because, that's the way one
turns.. a boat-face..

[Indeed, those turns do stem
from captains being so stern.]


Ironically, 'planes' need
to fly by going through
three-dimensional space.


Are hydroplanes and hovercrafts
types of..


Where do those Yin and Yang
fish swim with so many
other fish like them?

In their.. school..
of Eastern philosophy..


Those women who grudgingly
accept their unwanted
pregnancies are probably
being.. 'fetalistic'..


"Are you seeing anyone now?"


"Me neither!
So, I guess we could
then LITERALLY go on a..
blind-date.. together."


Earlier [long time ago]
I may have asked jokingly:

Hey,.. did you redo..
your playing of
the.. didgeridoo?

So,.. now I will ask:..

Did you digitally redo
your playing of
that didgeridoo?
(Me too!)

Two band-names:

'Digital Hourglass'*

*(I guess that hourglasses are
indeed digital, in a way, since
the sand-grains are essentially
quantal, if not necessarily is
each grain exactly the same

'Haters Of Dystopia'

(Speaking of what they hate..)

All of us, in actually, indeed
have "nothing to hide"...

.. Anymore..


Political-cartoon idea:
[Has this been done already
by a political-cartoonist?
It seems familiar.]

"Something To Hide".

Two frames:

Frame 1:
A computer-screen shows
a man (seen from his front)
reading a dirty magazine.
(The man's face might be
sweat-drenched. But his
face shows no emotion.)
On the magazine's cover
is the usual: Big-busted
and very scantily-clad
sexy ladies.
The computer-screen
might also have words
such as "Surveillance-
target IDed; his
habitual activities
now assessed."

Frame 2:
Same scene from the
vantage of behind the man
inside the room he is in,
with the camera seen
in the background.
Turns out, he has a
serious newspaper
hidden WITHIN the pages
of the porn magazine.*
The paper is turned to its
national or international
section, with a headline
about the most recently
revealed government-
spying; the headline
maybe reading such as,
"Recent leaks confirm
privacy-advocates' worst

*(And this is the funny
part of this cartoon.)

[In other words --
to explain the cartoon
to those many people who
STILL do not get it --
he DOES read those
magazines only for
the articles,..
but claims otherwise,
and.. he hopes no one
discovers his extremely
dangerous ruse.]


People who read fashion-
magazines with an interest
only in the clothes and
not at all in the models
.. do indeed read THOSE
magazines "only for
the articles",..
the articles of clothing,
that is!..

And finally, a somewhat
offensive joke. [Warning.]

The sycophant's non-serious
comment was only made
(at the behest of his
benefactor, in fact) quite..



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I do miss your colour computer-art Images, a splash of colour certainly brightens up your blog, Stay cool Leroy :)