Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Oscillatorium

[There is no particular reason
I have called my post this.
The Oscillatorium just seems
like it would be an interesting
place to hang out at..

Blog-post # 434:
(434 = 2*31*7.
'434' is a palindromic
number. And so, in-honor,
there are a number of
palindrome-related items
below. But... I would have
posted them today anyway.)

Today only 4, no more.


As A Multiplication
Thus As Division

Under-lapping Within

Inflections Of


Oval shapes stir;...
As this overlaps.


Mazes plus zero
add to sums.
As most dreams
do puzzle us.


Of multiplications
thus as these;...
That too is in each
sum plus itself.


In void is:...

[^I post this already?]

Preposterousness adds.
Trends superposed as so.


Things are
(or positions are)
outside the trend.
Inertia did progress
there unto (as into)


The scribble was
made to be so ugly.
This globular web
yet becomes sad.


In you,
inflections are in
All lines of
encounter infinity.


Every imagination
yet was.
It is any anew
via geometry.


Crescents and cosines
turn, or they are
of waves.
As the roundness
yet was forever
as concentric.


An eye's creations:
Any see its cornea.


This geometry is of truth;
As all is of entirety.
Our eyesight's reality
forms itself into that.


A pandemic seed:
Peace is damned.


'Signal: Clang is.'


A palindrome with an odd
number of letters is...

never even..

[^I post this already?]

Speaking of palindromes
involving the number nine,..

That tragic day, I only recently
realized, is a palindrome AND is
the same written upside-down
as upside-up when it is written
in Roman-numerals.


And almost a palindrome is:

'Nine-(v)Ele[v]en in.'

(^America's Palin-Drones
surely approve of all
this palindromism and
proximate palindromism.)

Speaking of the Palin-Drones:

Some Americans fear that if
any of their ilk get too
much political power here,
they would rule quite..


(But maybe they would be
more so Puri-whites than
Puri-tans, mebetchas..)

[Aside: ^"Mebetchas",
actually, is a gosh darn
appropriate neologism
to be used here.]

Bosses desire to enforce
the workplace's..

'hire-(and fire)-archy'..


The under-class
must stay under-glass.

(Our betters like to view us
to see all we're feeling,
as they keep us each beneath
that imposing glass-ceiling..)

[Hey, it's museum-quality
economic injustice!]

*(In other words:
The peasants are as pheasants
.. under-glass.)

The trends tend to end.

But when do those 'trends'
tend so to 'end'?
At the end of each 'trend'!

(Upon the last 3 letters,
in fact.)


Why were those
trivia publications
so tasty to eat?

Because they were such good..



Why is it so that
time is.. clock-wise?

Because it will not be
fooled by any clocks.
No, never so fooled..
for.. a wile..


Loxodromes are a type of..



The term "spin-cycle" of a
washing-machine seems like
a redundancy (which would
have actually been quite
appropriate here, I guess).

But maybe it literally means
that it cyclically spins once,
yet then again,.. then again,
.. then again,.. then again..
-- with only one turn each
spin, but done repeatedly??..


It angers me whenever anyone
of the older generation
dismisses all the credibility
of any member of the younger
generation only because that
younger person does not know
how to read and/or write
in cursive.
(And especially so, since
schools these days don't
have the time to waste to
teach something absolutely
useless like cursive when so
much class-time must be used
instead having the kids take
all those tests,.. the very
tests often demanded by the
older generation itself.)

AND,.. in a few ways, cursive
is quite like that newfangled
texting-abbreviation lingo
used by the kids these days.

Both are annoying and hard
for some people to read,
of course for one thing.
And both are quite
ugly-looking, I must say.

But, both too had been
created in the first-place
as a form of short-hand
meant to shorten the time
to write whatever.


So, I had a great idea
for a piece of "art":

Have some examples of
texting-abbreviation lingo
("LOL", "YOLO", etc etc),
but all written.. in..

Ohhh,.. the irony!..
(Ohhh,.. the anachronism!..)

[And it would be especially
ironic if the scrawl is
written as badly as is a
doctor's hand-written
prescription, even.]
Another meme for you:

To all those out there in
the REAL reality beyond:

Hey, this simulation of
reality I live here within
is meant as a WARNING,
NOT as a handbook!


It is ironic that
"moratoriums" on things
definitely do not call for
.. MORE of those things!


What is even worse than being
hit with golfball-sized hail?

Being hit with..
goofball-sized hail.

Because those hail-stones
are each the size of some
CrAzY GuY!...

[Warning, warning:
Political implications.]

'Tarnation' used to be a
euphemism for 'Damnation'.
But the situation has
since reversed, and now...
'Damnation' has become the
euphemism for 'Canada'..

The most offensive
items for last:
[Warning; warning;
Rest of this post may offend.
Warning; warning; childish humor
regarding adultish matter-isms.]

didn't scientists have
a probe study Uranus?!...

[I promised myself I would
never post a "Uranus" joke
in this blog.
But, anyway, I still..
delved into it..
Oh,.. into the depths..
both of humor and of
unoriginality, sadly.]
(And did I already post
this one Uranus joke?)

Masturbation is, I guess,
a form of 'intracourse',

.. as some people
very well know..

But a guy copulating instead
with a woman for-real is he
having sex... in-person..

Very much so much more serious:

[Warning, warning:
Potential offensiveness.
Warning, warning:
Adult themes; politics;
and, even worse,.. a pun..]

Whenever I hear of children
and others who were forced to
be prostitutes finally being
"rescued", I think that, yes,
that is indeed all well and
good that they were rescued.

But I then wonder if these
specific "rescue"-operations
were like so many others in
our nation's history,
and these prostitutes were
in these particular raids
actually ARRESTED
(you know, for, at least
in-part, the crime of
being raped/enslaved).

"Yes, that'll save 'em!"..

And the mentally-ill in our
society are also sometimes
"rescued" in this enlightened
way, ending up in jail when
they should be in a caring
medical facility instead.

(But there is FAR more money
available for jailing people
than for helping them. So,..)

So, the many victims of pimps
or of the victims' own
mental-illnesses are often
even further victimized by
the authorities just because,
in-essence, these victims are

On a lighter note, though:..
Since sometimes being rescued
is in-fact being arrested,..
these particular re-victimized
victims have therefore been..

[impending portmanteau..]

'arrescued',.. then.



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