Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Occipital-Lobes So Oscilliptical

["Oscilliptical"^ is quite the
interesting portmanteau-esque
neologism, indeed.]

Blog-post # 433:
(433 = a prime, alas.)

Ten new art-inanimations:
(The original pen-drawings
are not that great.
But they are always infinitely
better than are the "scans",
no matter how I scan them.
I may have to soon stop
posting images, or even soon
stop posting to my blog at all,
given how disappointed I am
regarding all this.
It is not worth the effort.
Again, go back and look at
my computer art, posted at any
time before Oct 2013, for a


Or As Is So An Oscillipse

Infinity Divides Into Zero
As If One Is Divided By One

If Otherwise Any
Circles Had Ever Been

The Fluctuations Of
All Unknowabilities

Such Symmytrigonometry

Depictions Of The Four
Enumerations Of Three

Strictly Ambivalent
Yet Starkly Blurry

Multiple Modulations Modify
This One Unmodifiability

Into Introvergence

Neologisms in today's titles:

"Oscillipsoid" and "Oscillipse"
are portmanteaus, of course.
(An ellipsoid/ellipse of

I discussed "Symmytrigonometry"
already in my last post.

"Introvergence": The
convergence inwardly into
one's own introversion.

(21 -- Three-times-seven.)

A surrealism was
only chaotic.
Any also is
somewhat circular.


In the oddly
insane formations,...
Any thin dimensions
are to fold.


A sine rotates,
Or the lasting cosine
finally collapses.
Those elliptical
oscillations are
of any strangeness.


Oscillations bend...
yet are clockwise.
Knots were also to
be cyclical inside.


To so sum an
uncycled similarity.


An ellipse:
All pi seen.


All pi is yet
all the cosines...
As elliptically
so in these.


Cones' eclipses:
Science's slope.


These glass lenses have
seen or folded light,
as it does seem weird.
All edges of edgelessness
are themselves to die
in their shadows.


We add/multiply there,
as in oscilloscopes.
Those calculations
were simply lopsided.


Cosmic points
are spheres.
As microscopes
spin there.


Any distinction
else was stark.
It, as a need, is
as strictly known.


A randomness:
As non-dreams.


All ugly randomness:
Mess only glandular.

[^Did I already
post this anagram?]

Our angry sins:
'Yes' and 'no'.
As roundness'
Yin or Yang.


The ire;..
I there/
It here.*


Infinity was that...
fantasy within it.


That divisor was
as infinitely large.
Any integer is of all
it draws via this.


Rainbows are so
optically curved.
As very bold color
was in a picture.


A zero's spiral:
As polarizers.


As Polaris:
A spiral so.

*[Question: What is the name for
the type of 'anagram' -- such
as "It here"="I there" and
"Ask not"="As knot" -- where
the letters' positions are
unchanged, but the spaces and/or
punctuation are different?]

'No, it is opposition.'

'Sadism's id as.'

'Rag? Use sugar.'

[^I cannot believe that the first
palindrome had not occurred to me
until recently. It, and maybe
the second palindrome too, MUST
be quite well-known already.
But I will not check so online.]

Historians still to this day
debate the cause of William
Shakespeare's death.

Was it...

TB or not TB?
That is the question...

[^Did I post this joke already?
I must have heard it already.]

Which type of bridge,
when crossing it, can make
someone the most dizzy?

A.. 'sus-SPIN-sion'-bridge,
of course!..


What kind of paper is
more substantive than
even lined-paper is?



A nation's isolationism,
if it leads to a loss of
international awareness,
occurs when that nation's
people collectively have a..



[Yes, the truth can hurt.
But the lies hurt more.]

(In other words,..)

Truth may rear so its ugly head;
But lies had so their ugly rear.


It is ironic that we often give
people a 'heads-up' to try to
KEEP those people from keeping
their 'heads up'.. their asses..


Yes, it takes all kinds...

to be (unkindly) taken..


Regarding world-events or
any other such nastiness,
a suggested meme:

'The dominoes are falling,..
.. and they can't get up.'..

Speaking of current world-events
[Warning; warning:
Next items regard
current world-events.]

[Well, this first is not so
current; but it is currently
relevant, nonetheless.]

GW Bush's Freudian malapropisms,
as he called to invade Iraq:

"Yes, we need to get that..
Oil..-Qaeda in Iraq."

"This mission is a..


"Data-breach": n. When bad people
get the private personal information
of good people, information which
was stored within some 3rd-party
company's computer-system;... but
that company did not this-time SELL
those bad people that information.

Hmm.. Maybe there are companies
which intentionally RENT out their
customers' private information to
bad people?
Maybe, even better, rent-to-own
would work here too?
"Try-it(people's private


Becoming Middle-Aged:

As we get so much older,
we become more jaded and
disillusioned, and we become
more and more cynical, irate,
and negative about other
people's intentions, and so
often become more unfriendly
(but justifiably so, as we
each certainly do know)
... as we realize just how
much so almost every (other!)
person has, in-fact, always
been quite the real asshole.

In other words,..
We become adolescents..



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