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[The reasons for this
title are.. vague..]

Blog-post # 432:
(432 = 2*2*3*3*3*2*2
= 2^4*3^3
= 3^3*4^2.
Thus, 2's, 3's, and 4's.)

Ten new inanimations:


I Focus This;
It Is Of Such

Thus Even The Largest Finite
Integer May Be A Non-Integer

It Then Divides Into 1,
Divides Into 1,
Divides Into 1,
... Ad-Infinitum

Therein Any Unidirectional
Symmetries.. Neither
Plural Nor Alone

The Viscosity Of This
Particular Trigonometry

The Fluidity Of This
Particulate Triangularity

Interchanged Are
Transpositions With
Their Converses,
Or Vice-Versa

As (Counter)Clockwise And
As (Counter)Intuitively

Aligned Alongside This
Most Asymmetrical Of Points

(Top image's name
is a neologism.
Second image's name
is an anagram.)

Some typewriter-art.
(It has been quite a
long time since I
last posted any.)
And this piece of
typewriter-art even
has a name!..

Else Likewise/
Also Otherwise

other likewiseother like
like otherwiselike other
other likewiseother like
like otherwiselike other

(14 = 2*7.)

Any parallelism is
its own math.
Yet any cosines
are created.
An asymmetrically
aperiodic oneness
was entirely as that.


The continuum is to
surreally be twisted,
as this.
Blurriness does yet
sum it until it was
that echo.


Origami vanishes;
Yet then it so ends
As anything is
to sever inside
the theorem.


Origami then becomes
its creased knots.
These are to so bend
in some magic-tricks.


As the refractions,
angles, or cosines.
Those are of an
incorrect glassiness.


Vague surrealism was
almost beyond this.
As it does somewhat
sum via blurry angles.


This angle was
entirely seen,
as was this.
Then there,
anew; always is
it glassiness.


This cosine
has nil angles.
is as helical.


As inside one
inflecting locus:
It so is of all
unending science.


These guesses
have yet become
more formed than
Maybe the vagueness'
creation is ever of
math-theorems' end.


That dream
desired a sin.
Its damn deaths
are dire.


Our anger's
has rotted.
The sad terror is
not advantageous.


A noted vista.


And the hemispheres
are to spin...
Perhaps inside
more than these.


Anagrams are 'origrami'.

[Since the 'ori' in 'origami'
comes from the Japanese for
And anagrams are essentially..


'Is it sight?
A math-gist is I.'


Editing something on-the-fly/
impromptu is an example of..


(But only if done correctly.)

Why have there been
such a profound number
of prefixes?

Because they are...

.. never-ending..



Send feedback to company's
suggestion-box giving the
company some much deserved
They then tell YOU to ALSO
stick it where you should..
You then write another
feedback-note in-response,
telling them where they
REALLY can go stick it..
4) They repeat step # 2, but
increase their insult-level
even further.

[^This MUST have occurred in
a Dilbert cartoon already.]

(Anyway, this is an example
of a positive feedback-loop
involving negative feedback.
{As happens sometimes.})


Take the half-cooked food-
item from the oven, and taste
it to adjust the temperature.
Place it back in the oven for
a while. Then remove again
before item is completely
cooked, and taste it again
to adjust the temperature
and cooking-time.
Repeat as necessary.

This^ is a...

of course!...


It is ironic that
'unleavened' bread
is (1) level, and
that the baker did
(2) leave-out
the yeast in
its making.


Doing something nice for your
spouse or lover is also doing
it on the 'behalf' of that
same relationship which you..
'be half' of..

[The following are not so much
funny than they are simply

Any balance occurring
the shapes of sines,
cosines, or tangents:



Its eternal echoes
form the sound's..


[A much less funny

Consider the common type
of pairings this universe
gives us to choose from:
God v Devil.
Women v men.
Democrats v Republicans
(in US).
Mundane reality v Hell.

Many types of such pairings
seem to be a choice between
the absolutely awful,.. and
the FAR worse even still.

So then, what are these
pairings examples of?..



Given the names for US coins
"cents" and "quarters",
it might have been more
consistent if nickels instead
had been called "1/20ths" and
dimes instead had been called
"decis", maybe.
(Although dollars at least
are indeed often referred to
as "ones".)

And maybe "cent" should
always be used* instead of
"penny", because the latter
word seems to imply it has
something to do with 5 or
1/5th. ["Penta-"..]
(A fifth of a nickel,
it indeed is, though!)

*(Until, soon, after
pennies/cents are not
in-use anymore.)

Or maybe we can go in the
opposite direction with
this, and rename nickels..

[Update: The word "dime" does
indeed derive from a term for
1/10, I read.]

'A Very-Edible Desiccant'.


Being 'used' is bad, indeed.
But it is still better than
being abused, misused, or
disused, or than being..
completely unused.. because
you have been.. refused..
for being.. useless.


Idea for something to be said
in one of those stupid comedy
movies which are made mostly
for young adults:

Two guys talking.
Then one says to the other:
"I think your mom's hot, man..
Uh,.. I've never seen her
before, though. But I KNOW she
must be hot..
By the way, I am totally
straight and stuff. Hey, I'd
sure like to get YOUR mom,
for one thing."..

(ie. An awkward situation..)


Speaking of stupidity:

Updates regarding last post's
item on what stupid people

"You say your shirt is full
of holes? Why don't you then
just wear it inside-out,
you moron!?"

To clarify (so I myself
don't look more dumb),
your shirt in this case
consists of only one layer
of cloth throughout it.


"Hey, you can't take a ride
in a time-machine, idiot,
'cause those haven't even
been invented yet!"

To clarify, the quote should
have said that you can't take
a ride arbitrarily far back
into the past on that
It is possible there will
be invented someday
time-machines which travel
quickly through time, but
can only do so forward into
the future.
And it is possible there
will someday be the invention
of time-machines which can
travel into the past, but
only will be able to do so
by a relatively short amount
of time at the most.
(It may be possible in that
case to make many jumps to
get arbitrarily far back
into the past.
But maybe not, depending.)
Or maybe there will be
time-machines invented that
can go anywhere at all in
time, but only can do this
at most once.
(So such a time-machine
could come back to your
position in the present,
but it then could not take
you anywhere. But maybe you
could then build another
like it in that case, seeing
how it works, and then ride
in that new one?)

(.. As final as is the greatest
of strictly finite integers.)

An excerpt from that
which you do not see:
(As this was our only purpose:
.. To solely be so wrong.**)

Geometry was likewise formed
from those moons behind suns
and from these stars before
(and obscuring) moons.

[We had seen our Earth,
yes. However, it yet was
weirdly wound within all
and was strangely strung
into all intermediacies.
{Quite, and it was
thusly so done
as is a knot...
And otherwise it was
to be so, as are such
plural nothingnesses;
.. as each of such is
so plussed and summed
(if never added).}]

**[{(They always say, "Such
allegations {of whatever}
are quite shocking if true."
But maybe we should all be
more concerned about any
truths... such as those
where it would have been
quite shocking.. if they
otherwise could even be..



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