Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Do Gel Truth, Turtle-God

Blog-post # 431:
(431 = a prime. Damn primes.)

Eight new hand-drawn inanimations:
[I am too hurried today to have
these titles be in color today.
But at least there indeed is
some "color" in the first title,
at least..]

Ironic Refractions Of Colors
Into Cosines.. Into Iridescence

Refractions Of Nothingnesses
Each Otherwise As Knotted

These Phaselessnesses Of A
Discontinuity Disturbed By
Its Own Invariance

Of Focal-Pointlessness'
Apex, Vertex, Vortex,
Nexus, Helix, And Crux

This Thus Of Its Inconsequences

A World So Fell;
All Flowers Do

Interspersed Between
The Infinities Are
These (Quasi)Finitudes

As Symmetries And Asymmetries
Alike And Also/Else Alternating

[The 6th image's name is
also an anagram below.]
(How many? 21;
And plenty fun are
these twenty-one.)

Motion's continuity:
Its monotonic unity.


I focus this.
It is of such.


Behind a void was a nil.
I so sever this.
Whatever is as hidden
is as oblivion.


Such discontinuities
are those of less.
Each is so,...
so thus is countered
in itself.


Once a knot ever
swirled conclusively.
Any lines revolved


The ironic refraction is
as those, and yet is seen.
Any science's rotations
are of this inside there.


Science's quality
almost remains always
of dim entirety.
It is inconsequential,
yet was formed as


Any eclipse seen in
its angles is obscured
by transparency.
Because, lenses spin,
yet are spinning
beyond clarity's arcs.


So spherical:
Pi's holes arc.


All is as the dire cone:
Its nodes are helical.


A horn's glow is real.
Rings are as hollow.


As what imagines self:
This false enigma was.


A world so fell.
All flowers do.

[^Also the name of
an image above.]

As asymmetries glow:
Glassy were most I am.


Any cosmic noises were in
any darkest inflections
... in time astir.
A randomness' entirety
is clockwise. Infinity
remains once as it.


Where so? It.


As a lie is of
nothingness' refractions
else soon mended:
Those are formed so
inside nonsense's
fictional angles.


Our sundial is as
this creation's glow.
So unidirectional
was its hourglass.


Sundials see:
A lens is used.


In the glassiness:
Night is as lenses.
(As nil sees things;
Seen: This signals.)


Lens' clarity.

[^This bottom anagram must
have been posted before,
and/or in-part the previous
one likely has been too.]

'Drat, such custard!'

'Trash's art.'

'Tennis: In net.'

'Do gel truth, Turtle-God.'


VERY small nuclear-powered
submarines must be quite..


Two riddles*:

Which type of chains and
links ironically DIVIDE
us from each other more
so than bind us together?

Those in...
chain-link fences!


Before their masters,
what is it that dogs
must always do?..


*(Each is a 'riddle' that
ironically does NOT..
'rid dullness'.)
[Warning, warning:
Somewhat risque.]

A strip-club is a type of
singles-bar, yes indeed..
But most of those singles
are small, flat, and..

(And these singles are
strips, too, I guess.
So yes, quite a
'strip'-club, indeed.)

[^Some old joke I heard
somewhere else before?]

I need a reoccurring
feature for my blog
called, "Things I MUST
Have Heard/Read Before,
But I Do Not Specifically
Recall Doing So (And I Am
Too Lazy To Look It Up)"**.

Such as:

(1) The statement:
"I was a screw-up,
but then I grew-up."

(2) Regarding the
crack-epidemic of a
couple decades ago,
especially in regards
to what was happening
in the African-American
community, here is a
buzz-phrase the media
could have used {or did}:
"Crack-on-Black violence".

(3) The US's FCC chairman
then says, after all the
"Ohhh!.. I was thinking
you people wanted

**[Or maybe I should instead
just rename my entire blog

Speaking of...
(maybe having heard/read
something before {which
definitely correlates
with something I have
indeed heard before,
and repeatedly so)..

Correlation does not
always cause causation,
it may correlate with it.

any causal relationships
aren't often correlating with
any casual relationships
{unless, after the fact,
.. whoops..}.]

Speaking of..
(correlations and stuff)..
[This is not so much funny,
than.. math-proof-like.]

All people are asinine jerks.
And all corporations
(and even all politicians)
are people, or so I hear.

So, therefore, thus,...


Quotes from stupid-people:

"You say your shirt is full
of holes? Why don't you then
just wear it inside-out,
you moron!?"

"Hey, you can't take a ride
in a time-machine, idiot,
'cause those haven't even
been invented yet!"



Like a new-moon at midnight;
Like the whitest laser-light;
Like how so politically wrong
is the political right;
All so is of what is quite
all this ironic.. oversight.


An aside:

Regarding concepts such as
"a new-moon at midnight",
"the whitest laser-light",
an "amorphous trapezoid",

I suppose I like oxymorons
that require more thought
to realize they are even
oxymoronic (even if these
examples here are each
very simple compared to,
say, some which could be
dreamt up by physicists
and mathematicians, and
which may be completely
non-understandable by
almost everyone).


The so-called "Riemann
Hypothesis" has stumped
mathematicians since 1859.

Yeah, Bernhard Riemann's
last name sure is apt,
then. Because that..

Mr Riemann

indeed was quite the..



Speaking of
'Misters' and 'Sirs':..

Since, 'surreal' sounds like
'Sir Real', I propose the
word 'mystereal', which
sounds like "Mr Real",
of course (and is based too
somewhat on the ending of
I guess this word is maybe
an adjective describing the
mysteriousness of surrealism
or of something like that,

[And unlike 'Mr Riousness'
has been, 'Sir Riousness' is
much too serious, however,
for any of this weirdness.]


Regarding the fun topics
both of "net-neutrality"
and of "neural-nets":

I wonder;..
If the internet was structured
like a giant brain, and this
architecture is what (using
AI) determined the amount of
bandwidth allocated to each
internet-user, then this,
I suppose, would be..


[But I am not saying that
the internet is necessarily
not structured in this way.]

Is the phrase
"The progression of aging"
quite the oxymoron?

If it is indeed a
progression, which implies
progress, then why do
people always want to
"halt" it?

Are these people luddites,
Are they conservatives,
Are they just into retro
fashions, technological
anachronism, and/or
past-life regressions,

From what I hear, growing
older is quite an example
of real-life entropy
which messes with one's
health, and is in no way
an act of "progression",
unless it is meant the
progression of bad things,
like sicknesses.

(So then, is this phrase used
so often because, as people
age, they very often become
more and more politically
progressive, then?...
Uh,.. not necessarily so,
I am guessing..)


Band-names (???):


But maybe "Warm Swarm"
would be a.. cooler.. name?

[Warning. Warning. Warning:
Politics and other
"nothings but fear-itself"
to fear.]

Safe at last! Safe at last!
Thank God Almighty,
we are safe at last!

[^And this is a nightmare,
I have been having...

I think --- paraphrasing FDR --
the only thing to fear is most
OTHER people's fear itself.
That fear seems to be leading
to quite the dystopia that _I_
fear (much more than I fear
terrorism, even).]

I have read [but from an
unreliable source] that,
allegedly, the new 9-11 memorial
has an extremely tacky gift-shop.
(Which may be more appropriate
in some ways than people would
like to admit..)


[Never forget,..
the tackiness of 9-11.
But.. it's a new world
after the 9-11 gift-shop!
Hey, the terrorists tacky-ed
ALL of 'merica on 9-11.]

So we attacked-back
with that tackiness.
"Take that!...
You terrible terrorists!"
Tacky tourists take that
(their terrible tackiness),
turning it into an attack
back 'gainst (then towards)
them terrorists and their
tremendously terrifying terror.
And terrorists can't take that
terribly terrific tackiness
with which the tacky tourists
attacked them back.

And that's a fact!
That's a terse fact, in-fact,
'bout the tremendously terrific
tourists of tactless tackiness
then turning-the-tables to
therefore attack back
'gainst them those there
terribly terrifying terrorists.

And those them tacky tourists
have been doin' that attackin'
{their tactical attackin'-back
they've been doin' like that}
.. like a kraken-on-crack!)..


From my previous post:

There are only two types
of people in the world.
(And here I am..
stereo-typing.. them.)


A correction,
somewhat so:

"Stereo-" does NOT literally
mean 'of two things {which are
side-by-side, as are stereo

Since words like "stere" and
"steradian" come from the Greek
"stereos", which means 'solid',
I am guessing then that the word
"stereophonic" comes from the
apparent 3-dimensionality of
the sound, not from there being
'two' speakers.
I am unsure how the word
"stereotype" was derived,
then; not that I would have
even if "stereo" actually
did mean "two".
(An additional meaning for
"stereotype" is a kind of
relief-plate used for
printing, however.)

It would seem that what one is
doing when they are representing
a person in their minds as a
stereotype is representing that
person as being 2-d, however,
without any 3-d "depth",
which is the exact opposite
of having to do with 'solidity'.
Although, many stereotypes are
indeed held quite..
solidly.. by some people.



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