Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Molten Space

Blog post # 43:

First the pictures.

These are the pictures I made over the last 3 days, including today.

The Width Of Dreams

Of Abstract Refraction

Inanimate Circumference

(As I contemplate these images, space becomes molten.)


There is not much for me to write about today. First, I will go over the results of my political poll, before I delete that.
Only four people voted, including myself. And we are all somewhat progressive (3 generally progressive, one ultra-progressive).
So, if any right-wingers are reading this, and you are offended by my political humor or commentary, then shucks. You should have voted!


Hey, politics is evil. Simple, really, to state. And true, too.
Politics is responsible for almost all of the suffering humans (and animals too) have had to enjoy over the millennia.
Wars and genocides, torture, starvation, sickness, fascism, communism, brutal dictatorships, ignorance, on and on.
Most crimes against humanity.

And even the so-called "progressive" politicians are corrupt. And especially the conservative politicians are corrupt.
Politics, by both major parties, is ONLY for the corporations' benefit. Period.

I am so SICK of politics and politicians.

I don't think I will ever vote again. I just want to not care anymore.

But the pro-political whiners nag, "If you don't vote, you have no right to complain!"

Well, let me tell you. Maybe I AM voting. I am voting, by not voting, for "None of the above."
I am voting for the "All politics is evil" Party.

Sign me up for THAT party.

Fuck the rest of them!

You can say that I am ...


Okay, one more thing that is politics-related. (I can't resist. Damn lack of apathy!)

Former President George W Bush is probably thinking to himself:

"I'm goin' to be prez'dent again someday soon. I'm goin' to change dee law so I cans be prez-dent again. And I can change dee law 'cause I wills be prez'dent. again. Dee prez'dent cans makes dee law, ya know. Yeeaaww!"

By the way, this is my 43rd blog post, and GW Bush was the 43rd US president!
Coincidence? Yep.



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