Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Blog post # 44:

Yes, it IS that time of year. The holidays! Valentines Day and Presidents' Day are just one day apart this year. And besides, it snowed a bunch in Denver this morning. I guess someone was dreaming of a white Valentines Day, huh?

I have a bit to get off my mind today. Be patient with me, please.


First, the pictures:

(Made yesterday.)
Anti-Centrifuge Of Protruding Things

(Made today.)
Superficial Hydrogen

The latter picture is shamelessly unoriginal. It looks reminiscent of those famous stylized sun images -- circle in the center with zigzaggy triangles on the edge for the corona. Totally plagiarized, I know.


Since today is Valentines Day, I will be sure NOT to say much about it. I don't celebrate this day, obviously. But I don't get into the anti-celebration that takes place this time of year among many of the jilted, either.
Any excuse to eat more candy is a good thing. But I'll buy it later when it is on sale, if I get around to buying Valentines candy at all.


As for Presidents' Day....

[beep beep]
We interrupt this program to bring you a special political joke. Please stand by for important information...
[beep beep]

Rightwing conservatism has been spreading across America and the world lately, spreading like an out-of-control disease.
I guess we can say that this political and philosophical sickness can be truthfully referred to as...



Now back to our program...
[beep beep]

I don't know about you, but I find EVERY president who has ever ruled over the US of A to be evil in at least some ways.
George Washington, for instance, owned slaves. Abe Lincoln tried to lift habeas corpus. Pretty serious evil, I'd say.
And those are the two president we most idolize. (Except for Ron Reagan, of course. He's our GOD!...)

But Americans, no matter what, only vote for what they perceive to be the "lesser evil" at election time. (And sometime they vote for the greatest evil!) Americans are like some abused women. We move from one abuser to another -- from one abusive president to another. We refuse to break free of the cycle. I guess this is what we should expect, since the kind of person who runs for president is by their very nature an evil tyrant.

And then came Obama...
I really WISH Obama had lived up to the hope-hype. I really really do.
But the Military Industrial Complex (TM) has got us all fooled. There isn't anymore even an organized and viable anti-war opposition to Obama's war policies, for instance, even as civilians continue to be killed at a horrendous rate in Afghanistan and elsewhere. You see, President Obama is a MASS-MURDERER, maybe even more so than George W Bush, at least in some ways. But where are the anti-war protests!?
The only viable and organized opposition to President Obama is from those gun-loving psychotics on the RIGHT in the Tea Party and in the Republican Party.
Yeah, at least THEY are protesting the president's policies (with guns in tow). Great.


Just want to go over the dream poll, briefly, before I delete it.

One person (me, actually) had a music video dream (if you can call it that).
One person had a foreign film dream. (Was it subtitled?)
One person had a comedy dream.
And two people couldn't recall their dream from the night before they voted.
So, that was 5 people (including me) who voted.

See my blog post # 43 ("Molten Space") to see the results of the political poll.

I will post a new poll soon.
The purpose of the poll is to see what the next poll after that should be about.

What is your favorite topic, from the topics below, for a poll about favorite things?

What is your...
Favorite color?
Favorite 1-digit number?
Favorite world continent?
Favorite force of nature?
Favorite 2-d shape?
Favorite simple flavor?
Favorite major world religion?

Fun and controversy!



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