Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Official Story

Blog post # 42:

Here are the pictures for today.
The first is an older one, and the latter was made today.

Unalphabetized Superstitions

(Did I post this before already to my blog?)


Consisting Of Segmentation

This picture looks sort of like a sliced peach to me. I almost didn't make this image. Yesterday I came to the conclusion that I probably shouldn't make any more computer art. Why not? Because all of my art inevitably takes on the characteristics of any art made by anybody via Photoshop. Photoshop has more to do with how my art looks than I do. So, my art is not original. It is not of my own mind as much as I would like it to be.

And besides, my computer art -- though less so than all art I have made in any other medium -- totally sucks. I know this. You all know this.


Speaking of art:
You know how I know that I had nothing to do with the making of this universe? (Besides the fact that everything completely sucks in the news, that is.)
Because I hate the colors brown and green, shades of which make up most of the natural world.
(Except for the light blue of the sky, of course. But I hate light blue too.)

Hey, I like purple and fuchsia. Those are the colors I like. But if plants were all fuchsia instead of green, then I guess I would dislike fuchsia instead, just because it was everywhere. Maybe then, in that case, I would have liked green.

As things are now, you see purple and fuchsia in the natural world only really among certain flowers. Maybe that rarity is what makes those colors so enjoyable to me. Maybe.

Or maybe the universe is just UGLY!


You know what is frustrating?
Years ago, right after I moved out of my parents' house, I looked far and wide for antibacterial dish-soap, because I was so afraid of germs. But nobody made that kind then.
Then, in more recent times, I read everywhere how germs have gotten resistant because of antibacterial soaps. These soaps also harm the environment, I hear.
So, now days, I want to use dish-soap that is NOT antibacterial. But almost all brands of dish-soap ARE antibacterial now days! I have a very hard time finding a brand that is not. (And this is starting to be the case with hand-soaps too.)


[Political jokes alert!
Political jokes alert!]

(Well, these are not really jokes... in the funny way.)

Whenever you hear in the news the "official story" of events, remember this. OFFICIAL stands for:
OFFIce of CIA Lies!


What is the biggest (biggest) difference between me and Sarah Palin?

If I named my kid "Trig", that would only be because it was short for "Trigonometry"!


Republicans go on and on about "smaller government". (As they seek new and bigger Big Brother tactics to use on all of us. But I digress.)

Well, I'm for smaller government too.
Yes, let's make government smaller by getting rid of all the Republicans in it!



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RH said...

I like the look of the art AND the universe. Except the part of the universe crushed by man.

Also, there is a wide variety of good natural soaps at the local yuppie supermarket (say Wild Oats or Sunflower or Whole Paycheck), some very cheap and effective, some not so effective and expensive.