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Massive Asses And Assive Masses

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These two pictures I made yesterday and today.

Otherwise Finite

Meaningless Labyrinths


Well, well, well. You know what the WORST thing to be is, in the opinion of the masses? A murderer? A torturer?
Nope, not even close.

The WORST thing to be in our society is FAT.

I got weighed the other day, after a month and a half of not knowing what I weighed.
In that month and a half, I gained THREE whole pounds!

You know what that means, kiddies?

That means I have joined the ranks of the failed. I am a loser, a food addict, a threat to the environment; I am responsible for the high costs of medical care in this country; I am ugly; I am a sinner; I am EVIL.

It is not like the overweight have enough problems in this world, but they have to be the victims of bigotry too.
Even doctors, who should know better, often treat their fat patients in ways that sometimes borders on malpractice, given that the doctors sometimes don't give the overweight the same quality of care they give their thinner patients. (After all, fat people's lives are less worthy of being saved, right?)

And on top of that, diets almost always backfire, and the dieter eventually gains MORE weight than they lost.
(This is the main reason why my relatively minor weight gain worries me. My weight could be on the rebound, after a modest loss of weight, and my weight might be about to skyrocket upwards.)

Maybe, just maybe, the reason that fat people are more likely to get illnesses has more to do with the STRESS of being fat (dealing with the bigotry and the constant obsessions with weight and weight-loss) than with being fat in and of itself.

NO, not all fat people are stupid. (Nor are all thinner people.)
NO, not all fat people got the way they are because of lack of will power.

I know for a fact that some people have a MUCH easier time of staying thin than other people do. It is genetics, for the most part, not some kind of immorality that is at the heart of all fat people.

I had anorexia once. I was afraid to eat -- and came very close to dying as a result -- because I thought that eating was EVIL.
Well, damn me to Hell, then. I'm eating again!


[Politics alert! Politics alert!]

This will surprise you all, probably not.

Well, a couple days ago the US House was getting ready to vote on the 2010 Intelligence Authorization Act, when someone noticed that an amendment had been added that would have outlawed the most extreme kinds of torture during "war on terror" interrogations.
The amendment would have, in addition to outlawing extreme forms of torture, made TORTURE THAT LEADS TO DEATH punishable by 15 years in prison, maybe even life in prison for the most serious cases.
(Life in prison seems very fair to me -- and 15 years is obscenely light a punishment -- considering that we regular folk non-government employees could get the DEATH PENALTY in many states if WE tortured someone to death.)

But what happened when the amendment was discovered by House members?
First, the Republicans, and some Democrats, grew very very angry that someone would DARE punish people who torture detainees to death.
House Minority Leader John Boehner said that the amendment was "unconscionable".

How DARE anyone do that!

Then the Democrats all tried to distance themselves from the amendment.
And finally, of course, the Dems completely caved to Republican desires, OBVIOUSLY!

This whole drama shows how literally evil our congresspeople are. Damn them ALL, even Rep Kucinich, since his soul is tainted beyond salvation by his association with these thugs and monsters.

We Americans are all damned too, most likely. After all, we collectively voted for these assholes.

See you all in Hell.



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