Friday, March 15, 2013

Those Thing-less Things, Etcetera

Blog-post # 369:
(369 = 3*41*3.)

Ten(10) new computer-inanimation arts:

Monotonic Sinewaves
Moreover Sideways

Needlessly Noteworthy Is Such;
As Nouns Are Worthwhile

Differentially Diffracted Yet
Unintentionally Unalternating

Eclipse Of An Indescribable Earth

Pre-numbered Reality
Yet Still Unalphabetized

Those Things Else Within
The Thing-lessness Of Those

Every Very Severed Everything

Cosinusoids Of Anti-Astronomy

Lines More Dimensional Than
Dimensionality Conceived

Alternating Conversely Else
Of Or Also In Etcetera


(Eight, which is great.
But wait; there are two
anagram puzzles too to

My sundial's
rotation so is...
its sinusoidal


The swirls are polygonal.
These wary rings loop all.


All is neither obscene
nor toxic in any games.
Origami balances only
their nonexistences.


Thin and oblique
sine-waves each
swirl there past us.
Thus, their own bends
are as quasi-level
within space.


These positive arcs
are with us so.
Curves were this
shape, as it is too.


Vision is to be our
world's sights seen.
This swirling, it does
soon observe us.


Labyrinths are caged
inside this noise.
The brain's ceasing
reality is hidden so.


Hate alternating
inside itself:
That inertia
disentangles life.


Anagram puzzles:
(Two for you.)

Our 'damn kin' are unfortunately
like most members of...
(1 word)


When you do 'cringe at' my puns
or anagrams, you are simply...
(1 word)

[Answers in the comments for this post.]

[Update: My comments have not been
appearing for some reason lately.
So I will post the answers at the
very bottom of this post instead.

Update 2 (as long as I am posting
updates): I also fixed up a bit then
reposted here the 4th image above,
"Eclipse Of An Indescribable Earth".]


Why are there no
rectangles there?

Because the.. 'four-gons'
have all been 'foregone'.


I could never say "I love men"
with... a 'straight-face'..


The various speeds of this
too 'stop-and-go-slow' traffic



Possibly offensive pun.]

Sexual activity is...



More irony:...

'MORtality' essentially means
that you do NOT get 'more'.


No more fun!

[Warning. Politics.
Warning. May offend you.]

The Republican party platform
shortened to its essence is:...

"Life begins at incorporation."

(Plus some extra extra-evil
stuff too; but I digress..)


America as whole has been
infected with AIDS:

Acquired Intelligence-
Deficiency Syndrome.


Philosophical question:
(So you Americans can just
forget the rest of this post;
but go back and re-read the puns,
anyway. They at least might
entertain you... when you
finally understand them.)

If a non-existent person is said to be a 'virgin', say, is this true?

Can a trait (such a virginity) described at least in-part by the absence of something thus then correctly (always) apply to a nonexistent thing?

But (almost) no trait is defined absolutely completely by absence of some essential quantity, I guess.
(However: 'This nonexistent thing is without any existence.'
This seems to be a valid example of something somewhat defined using a trait that is in-turn absolutely completely defined by absence. Or.. is it?...
Maybe it is not entirely so defined. After all, 'this nonexistent thing', whatever this is, has just been considered and written about; so, thus, it is not ENTIRELY without existence. So, was the statement at the beginning of this parenthetical simply a lie? Maybe not any more so than ANY statement is, after any such statement is dissected completely in regards to every implication it may have on any levels.)


"Why does mankind believe in its gods?
So that we might be comforted by
believing there is at least one other
thing in this universe that is even
less real (but sometimes even more evil)
than we ourselves are."




Anagram puzzles answers:
1: "Mankind"
2: "Reacting"

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