Friday, March 8, 2013

All Systems Are Glow

[The title refers to
the first anagram today.
I decided to call this post this
before the recent news about a
certain nation threatening
nuclear war again. Hopefully
this title does NOT refer to
those threats actually ever
being carried out..
at all.. But I should try
to post this before it
might be too late to do so,
just to be safe.]

Blog-post # 368:
(368 = 2*2*23*2*2.)

Nine new computer-art

Arctangents Disentangled From
(Yet Summed With) Geometry

Syzygy Of Synonymic Waveforms
Made Of Matter Formed

Shard-like Reciprocals Of
Fraction-like Shattering

Physics Of A Glassiest Dream

Nihilism Densely Filled By
Both Non-Matter And Non-Void

If Shapes Are Ever Possible
Or Geometry Can Ever Be

Any Quasi-Zeroness As
Almost Nonexistent

Dismorphic Iridescence
Of Dissonant Imaginings

Convergently Bent Around All
Bending Around Convergences


(Only five...
to keep alive.)

Most glass solely was...
So, as all systems glow.


Sly gas:


Swig internally:
Neatly swirling.


The lines were made
too spherically
(too formed) as
their cones.
These or those,
if more, are only
composed in all
this we created.


These sine-waves:
Those dilute such spray.
Yet as we have, spheres
thus sliced into us.


You hear about how the stupid
scheme to defrost the fridge
went awry?

Yeah, that plan was
not well thawed out..


Unimportant facts about



The twisted knot of political
nonsense is so unimaginably
complex that it can only be
assessed with the mathematics


They make no apology
for that topology.


The structure of the underside
of things can be mathematically
described using..


(This may be a more appropriate
word to describe politics.)


I was born biologically as
someone who is against
homosexual and transgender

But now I have come to
identify with those people
who support homosexual and
transgender rights.

It's who I am, and who I
always was, I realize now.


Finally, an insight:

I might have been subconsciously
all these years been trying to
write my poetry very badly so to
keep people from wanting to ever
read it.
(And I do not want anyone to read
it because it is badly written.)




Ash-Matic said...

I could get lost in 'Shard-like Reciprocals...'

kikinotdee said...

Physics Of A Glassiest Dream, alien embryo's :)I pinched another one!