Monday, August 23, 2010

Jocular Juxtapositions

Blog post # 102:

Not much today.

Weirdly Summing To Two

Do You Sea It?

This last picture is not serious art. I just like humorously surreal juxtapositions -- in this case between fish and eyes. In a much earlier post to this blog, for example, I published a picture of a fish as a helicopter. Same deal.


Well, the poll is closed: Let's review the results:
Question: What do you think the shape of Everything is?
One vote for each of the following:
Multi-dimensional sphere.
Shapeless/ blurry. (That was my own vote.)
Higher-dimensional potato chip/ saddle
Splattered egg.
Something else.

No votes for any of the other options.

Thanks for voting.


Okay, a poem. (Dag nabbit!)

I wrote this yesterday. It relates to the top picture above.

Quartered Extraneousnesses

These bulbs do split and pair, and then they
Are the hollow creases of conical cloth.
Then they are the empty folds of such
A division into duplication and cutting shape.
These knobs do parallel their divergence
From root to arc above. And they
Each conflict with equations so truthful.

Yes, they sum to two and are yet weird.

They are yet wound into their severing, surely.
Void and substance dichotomize and
Are so halved again. However, these
Quartered extraneousnesses are but dreamt of in
Labyrinths, in riddles concocted from alphabets.
Yes, added is this plurality of minimization.
But it is subtly to be explained and counted.
It is surely to be split upon those apexes,
Upon those limbs of termination knotted,
Upon the ascension of theoretical things
Rising, diminished, yet strung neurologically.


Okay, time to get silly.

I like the fact that the word "sugar" rhymes with the word "booger".

Anyone for booger sugar?



Intelligence falling.... IQ points leaving me quickly....



Anonymous said...

Funny that you say booger and sugar. that is what I call my Ella (cat), my sugar booger or even booger cookie.

Diggin your fish pic too.

Anonymous said...

Do you make these pics yourself? They're great :)
Your poem is inventive and quirky and I quite like it ;)
And booger sugar? I prefer updating Twitter on the sh*tter :D
The Irrepressible Pinecone

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

I saw both of your comments, Pine, but for some reason one of them you sent me is not showing up. I'll try to find it, or maybe it is just late. And yes, I do make the pictures myself, using Photoshop.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Oh, I see, the other comment was sent to my post "Unspectacular". Never mind...