Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bitter Screams

Blog post # 96:

Both of these pictures were made over the last 3 days:

Oblique Cosmology

Paradigm Of Counterpoint


First the fun stuff:

This anagram seems to be significant somehow:


(Not too Earth-shattering -- unlike my 9-11-2001 anagram. Sorry.)


New idiom:

That's a FUCK-DOWN!

(As opposed to a 'fuck-up'. Much like a 'smack-down'.)

"I'm going to FUCK YOU DOWN, asshole!"


Oh, diddle daddle before I get serious:

I've been thinner.
I've been fatter.
Now it's so true
that I'm the latter.


I contribute hardly anything, if anything, to this society or to the world. Yet I am definitely a taker -- I only take resources and give nothing in return. I use but don't replenish.

So, my desire to live, and to not die, is selfish.
I only harm this world by living, since I am using of its resources. Everyone is using more than they are giving. But with me, it is especially true.

Yet I have been brainwashed into wanting to live and into fearing death. Or maybe my desire to live and to not die is innate.
Either way, I want to live to the oldest age possible. I guess I have a GREED for life.

Yes, I am greedy and selfish for wanting to live.

[Update: I must post that even though wanting to live may be greedy and selfish, SO F***iING WHAT!? It is more selfish, maybe, to want to kill yourself. So, LIVE, everybody!]

[Politics alert! Politics alert!]

Okay, this could get ugly... I read that some Christian church in Florida -- Gainesville, I think -- is planning to burn a pile of Korans on 9-11. Then some Islamist group, in retribution, promised "rivers of American blood", or something. Great. The brain-dead religio-nuts are going to go at it. Shall we burn Bibles too? Shall we burn Torah's? Be my guest. But you relio-nuts please just consider the environmental impact of all the burnings, and AT LEAST burn holy books printed with lead-free inks!...

And then there is that mosque that is proposed to be built near Ground Zero. What gets me is that the Christian fundamentalists in America got a law passed about a decade ago (Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act) that prevents zoning laws from being used to stop the construction of religious buildings. But now the fundies want to prevent a mosque from being built. They apparently only want THEIR churches to be built all over this great land, ad infinitum. No mosques, though.

Tough shit. Read the US Constitution. The law can't favor one religion's buildings over another's. And now the Jewish Anti-Discrimination League has come out against the mosque. You think they would know better, you know, with all the Jews' history with Nazism and stuff. Now, I'm no fan of mosques, but I am no fan of churches or synagogues, either. And I say, if that stupid Religious Land Use law is in effect anyway, then it must be applied equally to everybody. Otherwise, repeal the law completely..... God, I'm sick of religion.


Well, here is another poem you all dread. I originally meant it to be taken more literally. But it is definitely an allegory for politics in America.

Confrontational Concurrence

Until the thorn rises rightward, it does sprout
From only space, and then does cut only matter.
It does consist of only inertia and rigidity.
But it is sustained as all euphemisms, protruding
Unto edges of diagonality, edges of selfishness
Made divine. And before it, there is a gap. Then
Before that width there is but smoothness.
Such a flatness spherically leftward of the cusp,
It glistens as fluid and its paradigms. But
This glob of roundness, it is simply the terminus
Of duality and forgotten glass. Oh, this
Blubbery blob forms that eclipse without
Moons or stars. Yet it still converges
In its passivity, in its compassion, in its
Confrontation with counterpoint. Yes, it does
Endanger the very thorn to its right. And
It remains as sharp as prickly jags never
Tempered, as sharp as spurious transformations
Always oxymoronic, always bipolar and overly
Antagonistic, overly and overtly disinterested in
Equations, in dissertations of negative zero,
Of any zeroness, therefore.



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