Friday, August 20, 2010

Vile Beauty

Blog post # 101:

Of Hypothetical Waters

Absurdists' Rigor

Imposition Of Purity

Such Sour Beauty

Enjoy, if you dare.


A poem I wrote a couple days ago:

Piercing The Sphere

Piercing the sphere somewhat off-centered,
Emptiness is quite a prolate cone. Emptiness
Is quite an oblong and oblique shard
Evaporating the matter as all violence, as
All electromagnetic anger and solidity.

Into the clump, into the orb, this slanted
Knife, it tilts and transforms the pacifist,
This ball placed rigidly. And that bullet
Punctures substance and truth, and then
It renders them partial and biased. This
Stupid blade does stab such a smooth
Mass. And now it is claimed, and it is
Exploded into realization's arcing ejecta.

Oh, that sudden blast eviscerates this
Rigor; then our mathematics is
Thereafter asymmetric. Thereafter,
Contradiction is our pleasure, and
Confrontation is our consistency. Yes,
Pierced is this soft shape with
Human fault becoming absurd, becoming
Psychotic, authoritarian, and despicably
And destructively injurious.


A little politics:

With Tea Partiers going nuts all over the country, and with some of these nuts involved in mass-shootings and trying to blow up things, I would say these frustrated individuals are...



Dirty anagram:

"Santa Claus"
is an anagram of
"a lass, a cunt".

"Hello, little boys and girls. Ho Ho Ho."

Okay, Santa speaks of "little boys and girls",
and he speaks of
"big girls and big boys."

But why doesn't he ever speak about "middle-sized children"?

"Ho Ho Ho. What would you like for Christmas, middle-sized boy?"



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