Sunday, August 15, 2010


Blog post # 100:

Well, this is blog post # 100. And to celebrate, this post will be very UNspectacular.

For starters, I don't really like these three pictures I recently made; at least I don't like them a lot.

Waywardly Mathematical

Arctangents Of Weirdnesses

Semi-Paradoxical Congregation

Note, the names of these three picture all somewhat have to do with mathematics gone wrong.
(When good math goes bad! Next on Fox!)

I like how I used the plural of "weirdness" in the middle picture's name.


Is what we dream really happening in another universe for real? Or are dreams completely of our minds? Or maybe a combination of falsehood and reality? Are dreams put in our minds by outside forces? Or are they completely ours? -- Some of my dreams I swear have really occurred in other universes. There is no way I could have conceived of them on my own. While other dreams of mine seem so false and absurd. (Absurdical! Absurdical, I say!) What do you think?
Please comment.


It's for the eco-no-money, damnit!...

I'm going to do something I NEVER thought I would do... Give George W Bush some credit. I was critical of this at the time, but after 9-11 Bush did something that may have temporarily helped the economy. He managed to convince Americans that buying stuff was a way of showing patriotism. Why doesn't Obama do the same thing? He has the gift. Why doesn't he use it?

Forget Obama. *I* am telling you all to spend spend spend as much as you can, for AMERICA (or for whatever country you live in), damnit. I know we don't have a lot of money. And the last thing we should do is going further into debt. But maybe we can buy that latte in the morning we have been foregoing lately because we thought we should be saving our money. Maybe we can tell 'em terrorists, and bankers and politicians, that they haven't beat us and that we WILL rise up again as a nation and as all of humankind!


Okay, since this is blog post # 100 -- or maybe it is # 101 (by one count), whatever -- I will tell you all to go read my old posts if you can stand to! You all can skip the poetry and the politics, though. Or maybe you just want to look at all the pictures.

Also, don't forget, I have a blog of simple games I made up:

There are about 120 games posted there.

And there is more of my art here:

[Update: URL censored because site has been hacked!]

(I update this site about every 6 months.)




The Quiet Riot said...

The first two look like squat quats, but I love the third image in the series. Very much like a watercolor, it would make a beautiful print!
Dreams.....I believe they are totally of our own manufacture. I lucid dream, I am aware of what's going on, and I can chamge an aspect if I don't like how it's going. Brain dump, you know?
Economics....won't even go there, LOL

Anonymous said...

I like Semi-Paradoxical Congregation :) Can't see what there isn't to like about it :D By the way, loving the titles of each piece of art :D
The Irrepressible Pinecone