Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Blog post # 105:

(I like the last picture of these four the best. This is another way of saying that I really don't enjoy the first three pictures that much. But they were still {barely} good enough for my blog, anyway.)

Pathology Of Absurdities

Our Roundish Rhombi

Rendered As Dimensions

Fulfillment Subdivided


A new poll!
And controversy!

What happens to your consciousness after you die?

Possible answers:

Death is the final end.
You become unthinking pure energy.
You go to Heaven or Hell.
Reincarnation as someone/something else.
Reincarnation as yourself. (Time loop.)
You go where everything is funny.
You'll never die.
Life is an illusion anyway.
Something else entirely.


That's all for today. Read my old posts (there's more than 100!) if you are bored.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am glad you put in the list an option that I will never die because I won't.

The awesomeness that is me can never cease to exist, Leroy.