Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time Again

Blog post # 103:

Not much today. But, so what, I'll post anyway.

Recent pictures:

Visions Of Paradox

Miscalculated Counterpoint


Some word-play, people!
(This may not be original. I'm not Googling it to find out.)

Computer-generated "reality" would be... softwhere...


Earlier I wrote of hyno-hippies and gargling gargoyles.
But today I write of ... crypto-Christians..
There, I wrote of them. No more.


I say "uglily" uglily.

(I bet you do too.)


A title for SOMETHING, don't know what:

"Pogroms and Pomegranates"


Okay, the saddest part of my blog:... the poem!
Written today, inspired by the second picture.

Hourglass Not Of Time

These funnels of counterpoint are translucent to
The vastness and edges behind us each. But
They are opaque within themselves, within
Their glass of conical intersection. This pairing
Is as a lemniscate rendered theoretical
Upon its cater-cornered tips. Oh, those tubes,
Both thinly adjacent, each surpass the other and
Do not conjoin; yet they are almost overlapping;
Yet they are almost positioned parallel.
They too are clear.
Oh, from randomness' sand this hourglass
Is not of time. It is, however, of our
Minds' arpeggios. It is indeed of our
Colorful pleasures aglow and crystalline.
But these specks are balanced by
Their emotional mathematics. Yes, they fly
And ascend as they fall. They do float
Within the flasks of such vain particles.
Yes, the sand becomes this glass. And
The glass is symmetrical. Yet it
Diverges from its stone and does depart.
It thinks only of imprecision, thinks
Of blurry time not rigorous; but yes, such
Time is constrained; it is miscalculated.



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