Saturday, August 28, 2010


Blog post # 104:

Inertia Unicuspid

Cosmological Glass

Tantamount To Fluid

(My favorite is the middle one, then I like the bottom one next.)

An anagram!
This one has to do with math:



Here are three cartoon ideas, sans pictures:

First frame: Inside a car, a man is watching the car ahead of him weaving. "I better call 911 and report this drunk driver." He calls from his cell phone, and as a result, HIS car starts to weave. Last frame, line of cars weaving and each driver calling 911 about the car ahead weaving.

Man in low-class restaurant, talking to owner: "Why don't you trap or kill the roaches in your restaurant?"
Owner: "Because they are my best customers."

This last one is dirty. (Warning! Warning! You must be over 18 to read!)
I was thinking this would be a good cartoon for a porn magazine.

One frame. Rich elderly aristocratic man talking to his friend in the study of his mansion.
On the wall is a pair of naked woman's breasts, mounted.
The aristocrat: "Ah, yes. They're from my trophy wife."

I actually tried to draw the last cartoon. But it looked like a little kid drew it, the quality was so poor.


Okay, finally, the sucky poem I wrote today. It is inspired by the last picture above.

Quaint Creature

As a foiled fish, as a slender tube
Tantamount to its exaggeration; as a
Conglomerate of bulbs and strands rendered;
It is a quaint creature bending and turning
Again in retrograde, into its existence amongst
Its limbs and disembodiment. And it is as a
Tail, thoroughly of completion. It swims within
The steam. And it floats above all butterflies,
Themselves devoid of torsos, themselves
Consisting of wings and arcing abstractions
Shaped too as semicircles.

Ah, this meandering loop does fold, as it
Proceeds from right to left, then upwardly,
Then rightward; then it expands beautifully
Into its course. Ah, it is a selfish animal
-- For, it spins and rests, then it
Demands of us its colors, demands the
Elliptical sands of such glassy scales.

Oh, it wiggles as those butterflies beneath.
And fish and insects design our mathematics.
Yes, the strange conceit of this creature's
Spirit, it forms cusps from roundnesses; it
Forms wings from fins and forms chemicals
From its flaps. So, it breathes of
Offensive fluids, of liquids limbic in their
Triumph, liquids spat and swallowed and aglow
As counterintuitive serpents
Each sprouting their inhalation.



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