Friday, August 6, 2010

The Big Shape

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Bidirectionally Sustained

Sickeningly Existential

An Inflection Postulated


What do you all think the shape of Everything -- Everything with a cap-E, the universe, the multiverse, and beyond -- is? Is it a circle, a sphere, maybe a mandala? Is it shaped like a giant butterfly? (I've heard that theory.) Is it totally shapeless? (My guess.) A triangle? A rhombus? A dodecahedron? (Was it Plato who associated the dodecahedron with the cosmos?) A giant higher-dimensional doughnut? A giant higher-dimensional Pringles potato chip, saddle-shape? Is it shaped like a computer circuit, maybe? Perhaps it is shaped like an atom or molecule in a larger universe? Or perhaps it is too blurry to discern any shape about it. Someone suggested to me it is maybe shaped like an egg splattered on the wall. Maybe it is flat or is just a line or a point (or even less than a point). I am guessing It is a giant hyper-hyper-hyper-sphere, where despite the fact It is a hyper-hyper-hyper-sphere, It is without any shape at all. Maybe this is like asking, what is the shape of a thought or a dream? Okay, it's a fractal shaped like the neurons in my brain. But what do YOU think?'

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