Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Enlightened By Damnation

Blog post # 156:
(156 = 2*2*3*13 = 12*13)

Enlightened By Divergence

Disheveled Periodicity

Grand Intermittency


An anagram:

A sane androgyny...
as Yen and/or Yang.



Gaze. Good zen bliss.
Blood zigzags seen.

(Well, the two halves of this last anagram are kind of the opposite of each other.
Maybe this one is an... antigram.)
... (Unless bloody zigzags give you peace, of course...)


I sometimes suspect that I have already died, and this is the after-life. Actually, I think this may be Hell, albeit one of the less-grave levels of Hell.

Bad things happen all the time here. Although good things do happen too, the bad is overwhelming the good.

I came close to death when I was a teenager. Maybe I died then. Anyone else suspect what I suspect about the after-life being "reality"? If so, how do you suspect you died? Is this Hell for you, Purgatory, or Heaven? (One person's Hell definitely could be another person's Heaven.)


No poetry today! (Yay!)


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