Friday, February 4, 2011


Blog post # 157:
(157 = a prime.)

Matter Comparatively Equilateral

Magnificent Ash


Not much today.


Some doctors and others say that antidepressants are only placeboes, really. I know these pharmaceuticals are indeed. Because if they really made you happy, then they would be illegal!

(I might have heard this before.)


One poem, written today:

Nova Of Such Waking

Overwhelming fire of
black flame explodes
Outwardly from a
decisive sun, from that
Star of abstraction and
absolution. Yet
This flare is expressed
truthfully; it is
Made into the
heated emptiness, into the
Heated void eviscerated by
these violent cusps
Of exceptional crescendo.
Yes, never impeded are the
destructive shards
Of supreme conflagration.
They overwhelm
All the cosmos and
vanquish it, and damn it.
But in the subsequent soothing,
ash is surely our
Condemnation. For, reality is
to be encompassed
By such hideous flame.
And in this hell,
That hydrogen will be
its process, will be its
Methodical fusion of
atoms into fire, into
Carcinogenic magnificence
containing all,
Swallowing all,
drowning us each in this
Remarkable infrared,
in this gamma and light.

Then the nova of such waking
will subdue
Our purpose, and so the fire
will be existence.
The heat will be the
savagery and authoritarianism
Pondered by selfish theorists
now illogical
And ignorant in their cessation.
This moltenness
Will finally be flowing still
within its confusing
And burning opaqueness,
within its radiation
Justifiably evil. It will
be flowing still unto
Our own villainy profound,
our own villainy singed
By this ejecta, by this
star certain of its thunder,
Certain of its intentional inertia,
certain in its
Outburst to be screamed,
to be maniacally overwhelming.



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